The Best 10 Houston’s Gyms And Health Clubs

  1. HIP Fit

hip fit

HIP Fit is a fitness centre that makes use of Lagree Method, which is inspired by Pilate and it is located at2294 W Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX 77005, West University.

According to customers’ review of the place, HIP Fitness provides a very unique workout. a session consists of 45 minutes. The exercises in Hip Fit are muscle burning and heart-pumping. In fact, no stopping until they have gotten your body shaking. Each of the classes only has a maximum of 10 clients at a time so as to make sure enough attention is given to everyone. HIP Fitness provides a total-body program which comprises of strength training cardio, and Pilates. The Pilates are reported to help burn up to 700 calories in just a session.

hip fit

Their workouts are low impact, intense and efficient. The moves encourage elasticity and flexibility which is intended to help in preventing injury. They have over 100s of different workout techniques which are aimed at helping people tone, tighten and strengthen their body safely and quickly. The energy at Hip Fit is known to be high with loud music and to crown it all, results are guaranteed. Their team of coaches consist of 9 trainers.

Karen D. from Houston said Hip Fit is the reformer pilates studio that she loves most in town. She mentioned that she really enjoyed the workout , which were fun and challenging at the same time. The fact that few workouts made her sore even made her experience better.

Kyra D. from Houston, TX said anytime she want a killer workout, Hip Fit fitness centre is the place she goes to. All the time she has been there, the workouts have been challenging so far.

Olivia M. from Houston, TX reported that she loves the place and Hip Fit is not kidding when it comes with High Intensity workouts. She also reported in her review that the instructors are energetic, nice music and lots of parking.

You can contact the Hip Fit Fitness centre on (832) 540-3138 or visit their website at to learn more.

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