The Top 10 Fitness Centres In Hialeah, Florida

  1. South Florida Fitness Boot Camp


South Florida Fitness Boot Camp was established in 1995 in New Jersey, moved to Orlando and now finally Florida at 2400 W 80th StUnit 7Hialeah, FL 33016. It is owned by Rafael Morethas been in the fitness industry since 1995 as a personal trainer, fitness coach and fitness center owner.

In their Fitness Boot Camp classes, personal training, fitness coaching, athletic training are all available. They use interval training, circuit training, kettlebells, BOSU, bands, ropes and what have you, to achieve the goal of fat burning. Kids Fitness Bootcamp classes are available for kids of ages 11-16

South Florida Fitness Boot Camp happens to have a Level 2 Sports Nutritionist, and they provide free food information in addition to eating guide.


For intending brides and grooms, here is a special boot camp that helps them to get in shape for the wedding day. Jessica from Miami has really benefitted from this. After 4 months of taking the class, she is now dress ready!

Victoria has enjoyed the classes so far, each different in its own way, plus the added benefit of getting regular emails from Ralph to keep you motivated while you are away from the class.

Giselle loves that the environment is really supportive where everyone is encouraged to give their best in order to achieve optimal wellness. The fitness center comes highly recommended by her.

The training costs as low as $15 per class. For detailed information about memberships and other enquiries, you can call (754) 244-9102 or visit the center’s website

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