The Top 10 Gyms In Bosto, MA

4.      CrossFitSouthie

best gyms in Bosto

CrossFit is a gym situated at 385 Dorchester Ave Ste 100 Boston, MA 02127 b/t Milhender Pl & Old Colony Ave South Boston. It is owned by Amy Gosler and Chris Gosler. CrossFit has 27 highly qualified trainers (including the owners: Amy and Chris), hence, they boast of highly productive results for their members.

The fitness centre utilizes the perfect combination of various fitness practices to produce the best results within a set time for clients. Bodyweight movement, weightlifting and conditioning in a well blended method is usually employed. CrossFit, a core strength and conditioning program designed to optimize physical competence, is carried out to improve the following: Stamina, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance, speed, power, respiratory endurance, accuracy, agility and balance Trainers also employ regularly diversified functional movements carried out at high intensity for best results.

best gyms in Bosto

CrossFitSouthie classes operate on membership enrollment, as they do not utilize the “pay by class” option. The rates for being a member is solely determined by the number of classes an individual opts in for in each week. Immediately one enrolls in any of their classes, such person is at liberty to participate at any of the scheduled class time, so far the registration has been earlier confirmed.Included with all class memberships, are free admission to the Yoga, Moskility and Open Gym hours.

The Classes are listed below: ·       

Scaled (L1/L2) CrossFit Classes: Arequirement for new members but not exclusively for beginners, it can be joined by interested members who wants detailed movement overview done in a day. RX CrossFit Classes: Basically helps in furtherance of skills ·

All Levels Classes: There are trainers available to meet all category of participants in this class

·Competitor Classes: Takes place at 5.30am, 5.30pm and 6.30pm Theresa A, from Boston believes the trainers take extra interest in the improvement of their trainees which shows how passionate they are about what they do.

Scott Z, from Boston commended the class times as plenty; but pointed out that some of the equipments need to be repaired (though she later commented that the repairs have begun).

To get in touch with CrossFitSouthie, dial (617) 752-2289 or visit for further enquiries.  

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