The Top 10 Gyms In Bosto, MA

  1. CrossFit Fenway

CrossFit-FenwayCrossFit Fenway is Boston’s CrossFit Strength and Conditioning performance centre located at 100 Brookline AveBoston, MA 02215. It was founded in 2009 by JT Scott. It has been voted “Best Gym in Boston” in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The Gym has a legacy of competition success and life-changing influence which welcomes athletes of all genders, ages and conditions. An exclusive performance training experience wired for beginners all the way to the seasoned athletes is being put in place and spanned over 50 classes per week. The team of trainers is outrightly among the best in the industry owing to their record of award winning streak running for three years back to back.

The Programs being offered in CrossFit Fenway includes On Ramp, whereby members are being familiarized with movements used in CrossFit. While passing through various workouts, essential skills in CrossFit such as Gymnastics, Metabolic conditioning and Barbell movements are being taught to members who are new to CrossFit. There are the Group on Ramp as well as Personal On Ramp Classes. Other Classes include: Introduction to weightlifting, Competition team, CrossFit, Fundamentals, Gymnastics, Endurance etc.

best gyms in Bosto

The Endurance class is usually for 90 minutes and it’s designed for athletes who desire improvement in their performance in endurance-based sports including CrossFit. Fascinating information has it that there are free trials for intending members which lasts for a week where programs and membership options are being explained during the free trial sessions.

best gyms in Bosto

Miles B, from Boston reviewed that CrossFitFenwat is far and away the best CrossFit gym and community he has ever experienced. Tom R reported that CrossFit Fenway is by the far the best gym and community in Boston as everybody is tremendously welcoming and the coaches are extremely supportive and knowledgeable.

You can get across to CrossFit Fenway on (617)266-7700 or visit their website to learn more about their programs and fitness classes.

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