The Top 10 Gyms in Pittsburgh; Pennsylnania

2 California Cycle Path Indoor Cycling Studio

logo-1California Cycle Path Indoor Cycling Studio is one of PITTSBURGH best cycling fitness center,it also functions as a gym and a yoga tutoring center. It is located at 3635 California Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Brighton Heights.

California Cycle Path Indoor Cycling Studio has a convenient community-centered spot in Brighton Heights Business region. Armatures and skillful person are welcomed to here. Your safety guaranteed, you will also be enjoying effective & fun filled classes meant to make you addicted to fitness workouts even in years to come. Every instructor at the fitness center arecertified trainer which automatically means they are professionals.

At California Cycle Path Indoor Cycling Studio you will go through Indoor Cycling, Zumba, TRX, Bokwa& Yoga. Classes are not restricted to just this ones, annually new programs are created all for the sake of making people reached there desired fitness goal.
California Cycle Path Indoor Cycling Studio being one of the top fitness centers in Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania will support your passion to go through every workout. Doing cycling is something that should start from within. The needs for this are preached to equip your passions, believe and balance is the key factor needed for this journey. Cycling training is a kind of training that requires endurance all through.

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The coaches at the gym will be helping you with endurance training so that you can last long in during cycling classes. A real cycling class last up to an hour thou depending on the instructors principles. The yoga class is such that shouldn’t be missed. There are testimonies from people confirming this.

Liz G is a resident of Pittsburgh and He revealed that John is an awesome coach. He even claimed to have encouraged his girlfriend to visit the gym. Emile K believes that the gym is one of the best gyms around Pittsburgh; she also loved her yoga experience with the gym.

Contact Details of California Cycle Path Indoor Cycling Studio
Phone Number: (412) 761-1671

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  1. Unreal lads !!! Worth the wait, great to see the mud men in their element . . . the Rusty Nail guys tearing it up on the wee Hondas, too good . . . and at last, the mythical 'pie mobile', fantastic, and thanks for posting it. Hearty congrats to you guys and all the loonies who &#er;pa9ad3d' in the Mudslide.

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