10 Top Gyms In New Orleans

Are you new in town and looking for the best gyms to visit? Or you’ve been around but just looking to switch fitness center? More than joining a gym for aesthetic reasons such as losing eight, socializing and achieving your fitness goals, we know you also want a gym that will help you develop a deeper motivation for lasting results. Using Yelp’s algorithm system, we have looked at the top-ranked fitness centers in New Orleans, based on ratings and users’ feedbacks and review. We considered a lot of factors because we understand you want a clean gym, skilled and friendly trainers, good equipment and lots of other intangibles that may not be defined but make a huge difference.

The following are top 10 gyms in New Orleans

1. CrossFit NOLA

CrossFit Nola -Best fitness center in In New Orleans
crossfit Nola - top gyms In New Orleans

This is renowned as the first CrossFit training facility situated at 8422 Burthe St New Orleans, with exceptional training personnel, safe and highly effective training for all ages and fitness levels. The gym assesses fitness program using three criteria; safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. Jennifer B in her review of the service obtainable at the gym says she loves the services she got at only $10 a month. Call; (504)-861-0610 or visit crossfitnola to learn more.

2. CrossFit Roux

CrossFit Roux is located at 3511 River Rd Ste D-Jefferson. It is located centrally in greater metropolitan New Orleans, off the Mississippi River which provides breezes. The Gym is equipped with top of the art equipment and focuses on strength, mobility training, endurance development, and rehabilitation exercises. The first three sessions offered by this top fitness center.

Crossfit Roux - best gyms In New Orleans

Kristin Mann in her reviews, as one of the members of the gym, says that she has noticed some good changes in her body and health.

3. Prime Fitness RX

Prime Fitness RX is located at 607 Julia St New Orleans, LA 70130 Warehouse District. Prime fitness has gained the necessary expertise to prescribe your exercise plan that is formulated to get the best out of your body.  The gym seems to be interested in the other 23 hours that members spend outside the gym since they also help them plan their meals, recovery routines and supplements.

Prime Fitness centre - top 10 gyms In New Orleans

Magan one of the regular patronizer of the club says that her lifestyle has changed for the better and she feels great. Visit the website at www.primefitnessrx.com or call (504) 402-1996

4. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is located at 125 Robert E. Lee Boulevard New Orleans, LA 70124. The center offers every member a free and personalized plan for starters when they join.


The classes are also designed to care for your lifestyle in areas such as personal training, tanning, Zumba, cardio, body conditioning, and yoga classes. Other services offered include 24-hour access with security guaranteed, convenient parking, private showers, private restrooms, wellness programs, health plan discounts,  cardio TVs, and HDTVs.Visit  www.anytimefitness.com or put a call through to (504) 286-7667 to learn more. READ 91 REVIEWS

5. Cypress Fitness

Cypress Fitness center - best gyms In New Orleans

Cypress Fitness is located at 625 Celeste St Ste 400 New Orleans, LA 70130. The specializes in high intensity personal and group fitness classes. Cypress fitness center has a dynamic warm-up, power development program, core training, cardio training, metabolic conditioning, strength training, stretching and pretty hilarious fitness jokes.

Cypress Gym - best fitness center In New Orleans

Members undergo a regular checkup and progress documentation is carried out with each workout. The fitness club review by Eli C. claims that the facility here is one of the best in the area and there is shower in the restrooms.Call; (504) 484-9422 or visit livecypressfitness.com

6. 504 Fitness

504 fitness

504 Fitness is located at 2600 Gravier St New Orleans, LA 70119 is believed to be the gym with the best fitness facility. The fitness center commences operation in 2012 through the effort of a local personal trainer Known as Jake Impastato. At 504 fitness you stand to enjoy personal training, cardiovascular equipment, boot camps, nautilus selectorized circuit machines, and exceptional free weight facilities.

504 fitness center

There are Beautiful, adorable and clean showers in the dressing area. They also attend to clients’ needs in weight loss program, toning, strength training, bodybuilding and powerlifting. Visit www.neworleansfitnesscenter.com or call; (504) 373-6611 for more info.

7. Triumph Krav Maga

Triumph Krav Maga is located 2901 General De Gaulle Dr. Ste 201 New Orleans, LA 70114. This excellent fitness center offers a survival system that deals with personal safety issues as the center are considered as a training field for a modern and highly refined street fighting system.Krav Marga focuses on the non-traditional martial art. The training focuses on the teaching of techniques that are specifically designed for self-protection to real life attack situations. 

Triumph fitness New Orleans

The Yoga classes are designed to help you improve your performances in certain sports like Cycling, Golf, football, and swimming.Terry St. Germain an NOPD officer in his review says the fitness center staff will make you feel like a family and he cannot even describe the greatness of the fitness center with words.Call (504) 324-5705 or visit www.triumphkravmaga.com to learn more.

8. Le Boxeur Gym

Le Boxeur Gym is located at 1441 N Claiborne Ave New Orleans, LA 70116. A typical workout lasts for about an hour and it is designed to burn about 500 calories. The classes are divided into three parts.

Le Boxer fitness center in New Orleans

Eileen Campbell in her review says that Fred can train anyone at all fitness levels to become a better boxer fast.  Call (504) 704-9753 or visit www.leboxeurnola.com  to learn more.

9. Big Easy Crossfit

Big Easy CrossFit - best gyms in Ne Orleans

Big Easy Crossfit is a great fitness center in New Orleans Located at 2401 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA 70130.This fitness center encourages high-intensity movement for the body. Every one hour class entails a warm-up, working out and mobility work for flexibility and strength. If you like a judgment-free zone, you will like it here because members are encouraged to compete only with their past records.

Big Easy CrossFit , New Orleans

Geoffrey O. in his review sees the gym as an integrated CrossFit with an interior design that shows life and the culture of New Orleans.Call (504) 407-0834 or visit www.bigeasy-crossfit.com for more info.

10. Reily Student Recreation Center

Reily Student Recreation Center

Reily Student Recreation center is located at Tulane University McAlister Dr. New Orleans, LA 70118. The gym is powered by music, motivating instructors, challenging exercises. There are more than 30 different classes on offer to choose from. Some of the popular classes include boot camp, Zumba, power circuit and absolutely Abs. The center offers aquatic programs for a swim lesson, taekwondo and tennis lesson for all ages of children in the center. Call (504) 865-5431 or visit www.reilycenter.com for more info.

That’s it on the best gyms in New Orleans. Share your experience with us, should you choose to check out any of the gyms above or you can just let us know if your favorite gym already makes the cut by dropping a comment in the box below.

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