1. Xplicit Fitness

Fitness Centres In San DiegoXplicit fitness centre is one of the gyms in San Diego that is located at 4780-C Mission Gorge Pl San Diego, CA 92120 at Alvarado Canyon Rd. The gym is owned and operated by Chad YarVitz, a fitness expert with over 10 years experience in fitness. According to him, his goal is to educate and motivate people with the passion to achieve athlete abilities that are also professional.

Their program includes One-on-one, Impliciy cycling, Boxing fusion, Bums and tums and Raw strength. All their class packages prices have recently been reduced by 25%. The boxing Fusion classes in Xplicit Fitness centre are high intensity and much emphasis is placed on boxing rounds interval of 2 or 3 minutes. Their programs are also modifies to fit any fitness level such as a seasoned athlete or couch potato. Usually, there are 12 students in a class with up to 3 instructors. This ensures that trainees get proper and almost individualized attention and are able to achieve maximum effect from their workouts. Each and every one of their coaches is a certified trainer.

Fitness Centres In San DiegoAt Xplicit, their program is centred around proven strength method, power-based lifts and classis barbell movements. Whatever your fitness goal is; getting in shape, learning how to box, add muscle or lose weight, they have one-on-one training that will get your there.

Andy A. from San Diego, CA reports that he learnt from the trainers of Xplicit Fitness centre that unlike many diet programs out there, what truly pays is good eating habit and hard workout. He also reported that Xplicit has a way of taking you to a level you might not reach woth other classes, diets or gyms. According to Andy, their programs are good for both physical and mental .

Erica E. from San Diego, CA discovered the place with her husband and since then, they have been regular visitors of the gym ever since. She said their workouts in Xplicit varies and are dynamic with a whole lot of different equipments but her complaint is that the location of Xplicit Fitness centre is not that convenient.

You can contact the Xplicit Fitness centre on (619) 281-0800 or visit their website at www.xplicitfitness.com  to learn more.

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