1. The Infinite Training System

Fitness Centres In San DiegoThe Infinite Training System is one of the top fitness centres in San Diego. The gym specializes in Gravity Training System. It is located at 4330 Morena Blvd Ste D San Diego, CA 92117 at Avati Dr. The gym is owned, operated and managed by Heather Ellis along with other 4 other coaches which are personal trainers and group instructors.

The Gravity Training System at Infinite Fitness centre is designed to give an individual total body conditioning which is done by making use of resistance training. This kind of system is intended to help their clients build lean muscles, decrease the fat in their body and improves posture and circulation. They also offer yoga and Pilates as well. Other ones of their program InfinuteRide, Gravity Centered and Spin Gravity.

Irene R from Sam Diego reported that In Infinite Fitness centre, you will be able to get full body strength training with cardio. She also describes Heather and Kipenzi as fantastic trainers. According to her, they are entertaining and enthusiastic, encouraging and are also good at pushing their clients to reach their full potential.

Fitness Centres In San DiegoOne of the clients of Infinite Fitness centre Morgan M. from Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA confessed to being OBSESSED with the gym. She admitted that the gym has the only workouts that have ever given her result. She also reported that the classes are always changing and the gym is good for all fitness levels.

Angela S. from San Diego, CA describes the workout as ridiculously. She mentioned that Infinite Fitness gave her the ability to set the level so that she was able to push herself as hard as she possibly could which helped her to achieve her goal.

Tina P. From San Diego, CA reported that she was reluctant to end her first class at Infinite Fitness centre. She said the trainers are helpful, encouraging and nitpicky. She also mentioned that the place has a perfect ir conditioner, constantly available water and the place was clean.

Jessica S. from San Diego, CA says she likes Infinite Fitness because the place is good, clean and the staff is really nice. She narrated how the fitness centre helped with her low back injury. She also reported that the studio is super clean and smells very nice.

You can contact Infinite Fitness centre on (858) 354-7987 or visit their website at www.infinitefitness-sandiego.com to learn more.

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