Top 10 Fitness Centres In Santa Ana, CA

10. Team Oyama MMA and Fitness

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Team Oyama MMA is another one of santa ana’s fitness centres and also the largest MMA in the orange area. It is located at 16632 Hale Ave Ste 100 Irvine, CA 92606. It was created in 2009.

Team Oyama MMA and Fitness was formally a group having good athletes in MMA, Nogi, Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ. It was not until request was made for the head of the group to transfer was he had unto others that Team Oyama MMA and Fitness came to stay.

Colin Oyama was the head coach of the sub group then, however he began teaching the general public. Training with others could be very interesting this is one of the good features the fitness center plays in the life of people.

The whole coaching crews at the gym are very skillful and loads with workouts types that would transform people’s life for fitness good.

Kid’S Brazilian JiuJitsu& MMA is a class meant for Kids. The class is lead by Lan and Adam. They troop in after school hours. It is a class having a focus on disciplining and building the self-confidence of men. It is a class that requires; gloves, head gear, mouthpiece, head gear.

Adult Brazilian JiuJistu on the other hand is a class for adult; it requires just a mouthpiece and a traditional Gi. It is a class meant to boost the mental and physical performance of a body.

Nogi Grappling: is just like the Brazilian JiuJistu done at the fitness center but doesn’t require the use of traditional Gi.

Adult wrestling: this is the one that requires the core and strength workouts. It is a class meant to boost your strength and stamina. The classes are taken by former Olympic champs.

Cardio kickboxing and mixed martial arts are other programs that help too. All of the classes are beginner friendly and suitable for any fitness aim.

The contact details of the Team Oyama MMA and Fitness

Phone Number: (949) 250-3117


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