Top 10 Fitness Centres In Santa Ana, CA

2. Jungle Fitness

jungle fitnessJungle Fitness is one of santa ana’s fitness centres in CA. It is situated at 18102 Skypark S Ste J CA 92614. Jungle fitness is a gym and also a nutrition oriented fitness center created by Jon Jung in 2004.

Jon Jung has his Jungle Fitness center focusing on caring for the wellbeing and health of every of it client.The structures and facilities of Jon Jung is to causes a positive fitness influence within the members of the host community.The owner, Jon’s has his motto as ‘Aspire to Inspire’. Jungle Fitness is a company specializing in result oriented personal training.

The Jungle Team has what it takes to help all clients reach their fitness goal in no time, they’ll give you support, encourage you even while taking you through all workouts sessions. Jon Jung has already 15 years of experience in the field of fitness, he has assisted over 1000 people begin living a better life since the Jungle Fitness Training Center was established. Jungle Fitness is a life changing fitness center that helps motivate, train people and make clients accountable for every workouts session they’ve undergone.


Program at Jungle Fitness training center includes: lean muscle building, women’s prep contest coaching, health and core strengthening, custom designed programs, weight loss and body fat reduction, pre and post natal weight loss. Nutrition guardian is another very important factor that determines fitness result.

Jungle fitness offers awesome nutritional advice to clients so that they can get the best result expected from workouts sessions. Workouts and nutrients work together. You will get a better understanding of this once you begin classes with Jungle Fitness.

Verenice L spotted Jungle fitness training center on yelp since 2016. She went through every review given by people on yelp and decided to call the help desk of the fitness center, according joined the league and ever since them she’s been very okay with the fitness center. Zac C testified to how he began burning fat since he joined the Jungle Fitness League.

If you need more information about what the gym center got to offer, you can reach the help desk on (949) or visit them on their business website

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