Top 10 Fitness Centres In Santa Ana, CA

8. Elev8 Performance


Elev8 Performance is another one of santa ana’s fitness centres. It is located at 10156 Adams Ave Huntington Beach, CA 92646. It was created by PHAM VU (Phamflexx) who is also the lead trainer at the gym.

The owner of Elev8 Performance has been in the fitness industry for over fifteen years. He is a main picture on most of the fitness magazine in the states. His image also features on most the fitness website seen online. He has been privileged to train in most of the fitness center across the US.

This sprouted his decision to begin teaching people with the use of various fitness equipment. He came up with his elite facility to make people begin reaching their desired fitness goal. Phamflexx is a certified NSCA-CPT, NCSF-CPT amd NESTA-CPT, not only should this be enough to convince you of his effectiveness buut considering his years of experience in the fitness industry.

The gym opens every day of the week expect Sundays which is a day to rest. If you have been looking for a place to get the fitness training you have been waiting to get Elev8 Performance fitness center is a place to visit. The equipment is such that gives room for suitability to your own fitness program.

The other coaches are ready to take you through your workout routine processes ensuring that you do them accordingly. A lot of people have tried the fitness center and they’ve testified immensely to the effectiveness of the gym.

Rocky F. confirmed that Pham is professional trainer, he revealed that he got to know this form series of workouts session he has gone through with Pham. Mauricio testified to the scenic atmosphere he encountered the moment he got to Elev8 Performance, he stated that he really loved the reception he was given

Contact Details of the Elev8 Performance

Phone number: (657) 667-6061

Business website:

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