Top 10 Gyms In Newark, New Jersey

3. Evolution Fitness


Evolution Fitness Centre is another amazing gymnasium in United States, in New Jersey to be precised. This gym is located at 102-108 Monroe Street Newark, NJ 07105. Evolution Fitness Centre is a gym of Fitness Evolutionaries; Mateus, Gaabriela, Guillermo, Roger and other professional trainers.

Evolution Fitness Center is your convenient home of fitness and general body exercise, powered with Elite Fitness Equipment, Group classes, spinning studio, sauna and tanning. The gym also offers services such as: physical therapy & Acupuncture, evolution fitness kids club, nutritional organic shakes, supplements and nutrition.

At Evolution fitness centre, there is always a safe place for your kids, to entertain them while they also participated in workout. Inside Evolution fitness’ kid club, children are treated with care with lots of exiting activities, play ground, TV games, toys, drawing, among others activities.

Evolution fitness centre could be considered best in its neighborhood with its amazing programs, services and a highly equipped sport massage studio.

Evolution fitness centre is a collaboration of licensed professional work with members that have impairments, limitations, disabilities or changes in physical functions as a result of physical injury, illness among others. This gym offers an opportunity to get fit, live healthier and get in shape.

To support this great fitness centre, Matt E. Newark, NJ reviewed that being in the field of physical therapy and tainting has not easy through diverse of gym whose services are not worth it but discovering Evolution, it has been great experience since 3 years he joined.

He commended the efforts of evolution centre through their classes offered in a clean environment, with modern equipment and friendly team work from staff and management. He reviewed their fairly priced, especially since the inclusion of free sauna, cycling, and group fitness classes.

Interestingly, Su S. from New York, NJ also reviewed Evolution fitness centre as one of the best in the state and the best in its location. Su express his delight on evolution’s instructors, clean and modern equipment which concur with Matt’s review.

Finally, he commended the management and entire staff of evolution on their corporation, understanding and most importantly, their avoidable membership price which is a gig plus to evolution’s many benefits.

To further know more about all this wonderful testimonies or for enquiry, contact evolution fitness center on: (973) 732 4343 or their business site at:

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