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Dan Lazzo

Athletic Conditioning Specialist

8 years experience

Fitness Coach
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Find a personalized fitness coach who aligns with your goals, body type, and schedule.


20,000 fitness Coaches, 150 Cities,


Rachel Haldims

Athletic Conditioning

10 years experience


Mariel Senry

Nutrition Coaching

9 years experience


Damian Pact

Rehabilitation Training

12 years experience


Kermit Brown

Functional Fitness

11 years experience

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Goal Assessment

Complete a detailed questionnaire to help us understand your fitness goals, current level, preferences, and availability, allowing us to match you with the most suitable fitness coaches.

Dan Lazzo

Athletic Conditioning Specialist


Coach Matching

We'll match you with experienced fitness coaches who align with your goals, body type, and schedule, allowing you to review their profiles, credentials, and specialties before choosing.


Personalized Plan Creation

Your chosen fitness coach will create a personalized fitness plan tailored to your goals and preferences, including customized workouts, nutritional guidance, and ongoing support for your success

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"I am truly grateful for the positive impact that increased strength has had on my recovery. After the first event of the year, I used to feel so exhausted that climbing stairs was a challenge. However, yesterday I still had plenty of energy left to help unpack the car and tidy things away."

Theo James

"I'm incredibly excited about my progress. 1) I've done a great job maintaining healthy habits and finding ways to stay active. 2) I'm thrilled that my mind didn't sabotage my efforts just because things weren't perfect."

Emilia Munro

"I am immensely grateful for all the support and guidance you've provided. You and My Fitness Tipster have been exactly what I needed to steer me in the right direction. I am currently living my best life, and you both have played a significant role in that. Thank you very much for everything!"

Branden Griffiths

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Your fitness coach will provide personalized guidance, create customized workout plans, offer nutritional advice, and provide ongoing support to help you achieve your fitness goals. They will be there to motivate, encourage, and assist you throughout your fitness journey.

We start by asking you to complete a detailed questionnaire about your fitness goals, current level, preferences, and availability. Based on this information, we match you with experienced fitness coaches who align with your specific needs.

Our fitness coaches specialize in a variety of areas such as personal training, group fitness, nutrition coaching, weight loss management, athletic conditioning, rehabilitation training, and more. We ensure that you are matched with a coach who best suits your goals and preferences.

The frequency of interaction depends on your personalized fitness plan and preferences. Typically, you can expect regular communication, check-ins, and support from your coach to track progress, make adjustments, and stay motivated.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to review coach profiles, credentials, specialties, and client testimonials before choosing a fitness coach. We want to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable with your coach selection.

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