Our goal at myfitnesstipster.com is help you achieve your goal of health life by provide you the best tips and advice on any issues or product that relates to fitness, health, and wellness in general. We focus on revealing uncommon information about health related products that are hard to come by online. We do this by providing honest reviews based on practical experiences of many people, not just one person. Our goal is to reveal the weaknesses and strength of each of these programs so as to enable our members make the best decision.

One of the statutory provision of FTC released in December 1, 2009, is that all websites are required to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations. Even though we are committed to providing accurate and honest information on any products reviewed on out site, it is still important to mention that we may get commissions if you use the links provided in our articles to purchase the products mentioned in the course of our reviews. However, we will like to stress the fact that this has no influence at all on our reviews and it does not affect the final price of the product. Using any of the link provided on this website will not result in you paying more when buying a specific product.  On the contrary we are committed to ensure you get the best discounts available online through special links that a company may give us. In this way, we want to ensure you pay less than the official price of any product reviewed on our site.

Having made the proper disclosure about possible commission of products, it is important to further stress it that our reviews are not only honest and real, they are complete featuring both the negatives and positives aspects of any product reviewed. We are committed to providing tips and secrets that other website find difficult to reveal. Our first point of loyalty is to you.


MyFitnessTipster.com Team

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