10 Awesome Reasons Why Bodyweight Exercises Are the Best

Everything doesn’t have to become complicated just because you are trying to get fit. Some simple bodyweight exercises can be a great place to start from.

Over the years, they have posed to be a great choice when it comes to achieving benefits from flexibility, strength and overall health. The best of all is the fact that bodyweight exercises don’t cost you anything.

Another advantage?

You can do them anywhere you want. If you are not yet convinced, then you can check out the following 10 reasons why you might want to invest in Bodyweight Burn program or start incorporating bodyweight exercises to your daily workout routine.

  1. Super-Efficient

Why Bodyweight Exercises Are the BestStudies have revealed that high-output, bodyweight workouts such as plyometrics yield such incredible fitness benefits in short period of time. Plyometrics exercises helps to improve strength during eccentric, isometric and concentric contractions.

With bodyweight workouts, you can easily transform from one movement to another, with very little rest. This is because there is not equipment involved. I believe you have also read about the major result that can be achieved from those short but intense HIIT exercises.

With 8 weeks of a combining conventional training and high intensity interval training, people have been able to reduce visceral adiposity, along with improved physical fitness.

  1. It can combine strength training and cardio

Another reason why bodyweight exercises are the best is that you can combine cardio and strength training. Quick cardio sessions like 60 seconds of high-knees in between strength movements like lunges or set of push-ups can keep your heart pumping while still promoting strength and muscle development.

Also, a very low volume, aerobic-resistance training have proven to improve muscular endurance and aerobic fitness in females.

  1. You can burn fat fast.

Some few minutes of participating in bodyweight circuit training has serious major benefit to your body’s metabolism. Bodyweight workout is an evidence-based exercise that has clinical benefits.

HIIT bodyweight training has after-burn effect, whereby even though your exercise is over, your body still get to be revved for the next couple of hours to come.

Studies have revealed that 45-minute of vigorous exercise can speed up your metabolic rate for 14 hours. Totally cool, I think.

  1. Pretty challenging, at any fitness level

Why Bodyweight Exercises Are the BestAnother awesome thing about bodyweight exercises is that they are modifiable. They can be easily modified to challenge anyone of any fitness level.

There are many ways by which you can make even the simplest workout tougher by just adding extra reps, taking shorter breaks, adding ballistic movement, performing the exercises super slowly or faster. Your progress is pretty obvious with modification.

  1. Gain core strength

When you hear the word “core”, the first thing that probably came to your mind was six-pack abs. However, a core is more than that. The trunk of the body is made up of at least twenty-nine muscles.

You can engage all of these muscles with just some simple bodyweight movements. Exercises such as this will not only give you tighter abs, you will also get to enjoy the result of a better posture, and relieved lower back.

You will also get to improve your overall performance. You can optimize your performance by improving core strength and stability.

  1. Increases flexibility.

Why Bodyweight Exercises Are the BestThis also adds to the reasons why bodyweight exercises are the best. It is not everyone who doing resistance training regularly that has to end up with inflexible joints and tight muscles. Bodyweight workouts can go along with building flexibility and strength and flexibility.

You can ensure your joints are moving properly and freely by engaging yourself in bodyweight exercises via a full range of motion. Additionally, it can also help you improve your body posture.

Your chances of having exercise-related injuries will also be reduced this way.

  1. No Excuses

Some of the excuses most people give for not working out are lack of time and inconveniences. Luckily, these are some of the common obstacles to exercises that have been eliminated by bodyweight training.

All you just need is a little space, then squeezing in workouts anywhere you are will not be hard at all. Working out without making use of equipments is a form of stress reliever.

  1. No boring moments

Why Bodyweight Exercises Are the BestSeriously, bodyweight workouts can be very refreshing. You can easily get stuck in a workout rut of bench presses, lat pull-downs, bicep curls and treadmills. However, with bodyweight exercise, there are several varieties of exercise movement that can be incorporated into any workout routine, just to spice it up.

Not only can variety of exercises help you relieve boredom, you can as well plateaus and enjoy further progress. It is not everyone that likes indoor exercises. You can enjoy bodyweight workout with a group of friends or alone, indoor or outdoor.

It is even more fun to do it with family, friends or at the gym. If you are having problem getting started, you can get a personal trainer for a couple of weeks or do that at any of the best fitness centres around and Greensboro, NC is a good place to start.

  1. Awesome for injury prevention

One of the major reason some people avoid working out is fear of getting injured. This is why it should be made a priority to prevent the pains and aches. Bodyweight exercises are generally safe for everybody, regardless of fitness levels, fitness experience or age.

There are lots of simple bodyweight workouts that serve as effective choice for rehabilitation. It has even worked for people with significant impairments.

  1. It’s free.

Why Bodyweight Exercises Are the BestThis also adds to why bodyweight exercises are the best. You might have to be ready to spare some cash for gym memberships and boutique classes, but not for bodyweight training. According to Experts, the key to the rise of in popularity of bodyweight training is its low cost.

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