Activate The Self Healing Process Within You – Real Secret To Wellness and Anti-aging.

Does It Work?

There are strange things that are being sold to people to supposedly help slow the aging process and restore good health. So, it’s natural to be skeptical about a program that is claiming to have the key to activating your body’s own anti-aging and wellness processes.

This is exactly what the Activate The Self Healing Process Within You course claims. So, how true is this claim? Has the program worked for anyone?

Your body too also wants to be healthy and there now seem to be a chance to slow down the aging process and improve your health. However, most people are used to achieving this with the help of drugs.

According to the author of this program, you can now forget about the pills, lotions and scalpels. She believes that the real secret to anti-aging and wellness is right inside your body.

She mentioned that there are some side effects to drugs and the fact that the big pharma industry won’t tell you the truth even if they know a permanent way out of your health issues since they are all into business and there to make money.

However, Carolyn believes aging is a process that you have significant control over and it will come very slowly if you operate in peak health. Just how true is this?

This is to be achieved through activating the inherent repair mechanism that has been bestowed upon you by nature. We will talk more about this later but let’s first look into the content of this review.

Review Content

On this review of Carolyn Hansen’s program today, we will be looking into the author herself, hat the program is all about, any bonus(es) attached, the advantages and disadvantages of the program and out own conclusion about the program.

You Will Learn:

About The Author – Coach Carolyn Hansen

Carolyn Hansen is a noted Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. She owns and operates an Anytime Fitness Gym in her hometown of Whangarei, New Zealand. She appears to have worked hard over the years to gain a reputation as an authority on health, exercise and weight loss matters. Carolyn has also authored several thousand health and fitness articles along with eBooks and programs.

According to her, most of her days are spent with her club members. She help them identify their health problems and we map out a health and fitness routine specifically tailored towards achieving the kind of wellness results they have always desired.

Carolyn claims to live what she teaches and one of the main reasons she has put this course together is that she’s deeply passionate about saving lives. She believes that the possibility of a life-threatening disease isn’t something someone should take lightly.

This might just be your chance to get rid of any mental anguish and painful trauma that come with bad health. She also believes that anybody that has been diagnosed with cancer or any form of chronic life-threatening disease now should get this course right away.

It is even better if you are not yet a recipient of bad news, which is more reason why you should see NOW as the best time to fortify yourself against such threats.

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What Will You Get?

  1. The e-book Activate The Self Healing Process Within You as the primary course material

This is the most important component in the entire course. It has secrets to how you can revamp your body’s vital defences against disease. Here’s what you will discover in the primary section of the course:

     2. Audio CDs To Help Transition Your Body To Superior Health

This series of relaxation exercises of audio cds with powerful life-changing health principles is based on Dr. Porter’s exclusive NeuroSensory Algorithms™ (NSA) for advanced brainwave entertainment. You can sit anywhere and listen to the audios as you see how the stresses of your life slowly melt away.

     3. Activate The Self Healing Process Within You – Bonuses

The program comes with 4 different bonus guide, which are all aimed at helping users f the guide enjoy maximum benefits.

  1. Functional Fitness For Real Life

When it comes to training for fitness, the result shouldn’t just end in having a great figure staring back at you in the mirror. Although, that can go a long ay to help you boost your confidence and make you happy, but Carolyn believes there is more to life that just appearances.

This bonus is designed to help users achieve round-the-clock strength, vitality, and endurance for day-to-day activities. This will motivate you to maintain your levels of fitness for the rest of your life. You will learn fitness-optimized workouts and suggested meal plans to maximize your gains outside of the gym.

  1. Mindset Mastery Secrets

You need your mind and body to work together if you really want to achieve peak performance and none of these two should be weak and undisciplined. Keep your thought processes focused on success patterns and embrace the mental tricks that have been used to get a job done.

  1. 21 Days To Healthy Eating

You will discover the ways to eat without starving yourself in any sense and achieve long term weight loss.

  1. The Minimalist Exercise Program

With this eBook, you can forget about ineffective and outdated theories about maximal health and fitness or doing twice the amount of work out and spend too much time in the gym only to achieve the same result.

  1. The Minimalist Nutrition Program

There are contradictory information about what you should eat and avoid.
You will learn how you can become a master of “minimalist nutrition”. Eating “minimally” doesn’t mean eating less. Learn to prepare nutrient-dense meals that promote maximum fat burning.

Who Is The Program For?

Carolyn Hansen is 100 percent confident that your body has the potential and the power to slow down the aging process and restore itself to a perfect level of wellness.

This program is designed for people that want to take back absolute control of their life in the aspect of health, fitness and total wellbeing. Carolyn believes that people that are below the age of 30 are still safe form the danger zone but after that age, the body begins the process of physical deterioration which affect the muscle, skin and body organs which makes them less effective in what they do. However, the process is so slow that we barely notice them, except for the obvious ones that we attribute to “getting older”

So, the Activate The Self Healing Process Within You is designed for all people, no matter the side of the danger zone they are on. The author of the program believes it is not too late to reverse the aging process.

Reviews And Feedbacks

The Activate The Self Healing Process Within You course have been reviewed by lots of people and these are some of their feedbacks.

The Pros


The main guide of the program comes in PDF format and audios along with 4 bonus guides with total value of $165 but Carolyn is giving out the program for $37. it’s not like you can place a price on your health, well-being or life.

Email Support

You can contact the author of the program though and you can expect to get a reply within a period of 24 hours.

No Questions Asked 100% 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Activate The Self Healing Process Within You guide comes with 100% money back guarantee. So, if for any reason, this program doesn’t meet your expectation in any way, you can email the author of the program to get a refund of your investment.

The Cons

Digital Product Only

The program comes in digital downloads in Adobe PDF and MP3 format. You will be taken to the download page directly upon successful completion of checkout.

Download Activate The Self-Healing Process Within Your Program


Carolyn Hansen is 100 percent confident that your body has the potential and the power to slow down the aging process and restore itself to a perfect level of wellness.

If you are ready to change your life and activate the inherent healing mechanism in you, then you might just check out the Activate The Self Healing Process Within You Guide. Although there are many positive feedbacks from the users of the Activate The Self Healing Process Within You guide, you will still be taking a risk if you decide to go for this program.

The question now is, from everything you have learn while going through the review of this program here today, do you think it is worth the risk? However, the good thing is that you can try all the tricks and tips that are shared in this guide for 2 good months and decide if the program is worth your investment, energy and time. If not, you can get your money back.

Talking about risks, this is your life that those of your loved ones we are talking about. This guide provides you with the opportunity to fully harness the self-healing power that you have within you to defend against the horrors of chronic disease.

The knowledge you get from this program will not only benefit you, but everyone around you. The benefits are high and the risk is minimal.

Well, that’s it on the review of the Activate The Self Healing Process Within You guide and I hope all you have learnt about the program on this review has helped you to make an informed decision concerning getting the program or not.

To a long and healthy life!

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