Fitness industry ‘distraught’ by closures

The fitness industry has taken a major financial hit as many fitness centers have had to shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Chris Dixon and EleeshaNesci-Dixon, owners of Love Your Soul fitness studio and health food bar in Melbourne’s seaside suburb of Parkdale said they saw it coming but there was not enough time to prepare for it. Many fitness centers have resorted to providing online classes for their members, but this is not enough to compensate for the loss. There is also a need to slash instructors’ hours and therefore pay them less than usual. Kyle Richardson, director of Performance Exercise Physiology (PXP) in Melbourne’s Heidelberg Heights said he did not feel comfortable working with high-risk clients who should be self-isolating and hence it is safer to move services online. PXP gets about 40 to 50 clients per day; it would be healthier if these clients are given adequate home therapy.

There is a need to maintain exercise especially in this period, not just for their physical wellbeing but also for their mental health. In doing this, the fitness industry would be absolutely distraught. We can only hope that this is temporary before it becomes worse.

Fitness Center Offers Free Self-Defense Classes To Combat Increase In Purse Snatchings

Ray Sagum, the owner of Art of Fitness, now offers free self-defense class to teach women of all ages how to defend themselves from criminals preying on them to snatch their bags. He teaches the techniques in consideration of an individual woman’s capabilities and limitations. Russell Tanji, a self-defense instructor and retired Honolulu Police Department firearms signed on to help instruct some of the classes and recommends pepper spray to be a good way for women to protect themselves. Tanji further demonstrated the hand position for using the pepper spray as this is critical and to avoid having it snatched away from you in Hawaii News Now. This is where learning how to use pepper spray and practicing comes in. he advises spraying it in burst and going directly in the criminal’s face. In the self-defense classes, women will also learn some hand-to-hand techniques and skills of groin strikes. These classes started on March 7 and hold every Saturday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Call 673-0020 to sign up for a free class and reserve your spot.

Blink Fitness launches Facebook Live-home workouts to do in quarantine

Blink Fitness has launched a daily virtual workout session on weekdays at 8 a.m. Quarantine should not stop you from getting fit and so “Get Up and Blink” was created to help clients workout from home. To partake in the daily workout, all you need is access to Facebook Live. The workout session is coordinated by Blink certified trainers and usually begins with a dynamic stretch in which the trainer explains the details of the workouts. The session then proceeds into plyometrics like pushups, squats, and core work in which the trainer also explains ways these workouts can be performed correctly while at home. An interesting feature is that these videos are being streamed from home rather than in the gym, giving viewers more confidence. The app is also available for gym members; it offers demand classes ranging from cardio to meditation. These quarantine period has motivated individuals to stay healthy and Blink Fitness is helping them do it.

Canadians Still Buying Fitness Gears Amid the Pandemic

According to the founder of Edmonton’s Running Room Canada Inc., people have been buying the running-gear from the company’s online retail stores as his 100-plus brick-and-mortar shops have canceled group runs and reduce their hour. A conservative guess by John Stanton, a 61-time marathon runner who likes to go for a run says online sales have also increased by 25 percent within the last few days. Great Life Fitness Store in Surrey, B.C. has seen about triple the sales it usually does and Michelle Grace –the salesperson and office manager says they are running out of stuff and so are Bike Shop and Physical Assets, as confirmed by its owner Johanne Tummon. For people who are concerned about working out despite gym closure, Stanton advises them to resort to running and warns runners to reduce their training and focus more on shorter runs in order to avoid immense strain it may put on their body and improve mental and physical health.

Expert Advises The Use OF Stand-Up Desk

Larry Olmsted, an awarding winning Travel Journalist with more than 20 years of experience working from home, advises people to use the stand-up desk as they now follow the work-from-home order. While there have been lots of advice lately on social media concerning working from home, Olmsted thinks focusing on your health and making your home office as much as you would make your real office, as reveals in an article published on Forbes yesterday. Now that most people are cut off from the conventions means of fitness routine and exercise, people can take advantage of the well-documented longevity and health benefits of standing over sitting and using a stand-up desk can be a great way to stay active and healthier. The World Health Organization revealed that physical inactivity is one of the bigger killers on the planet (more than obesity) as it comes with lots of cons and Men’s Journal magazine says sitting is the most unhealthy thing anyone can do. However, Olmsted advises going for adjustable stand-up desks and recommends getting them from Varidesk Solution.

Fitness industry calls for greater government clarity on gym closures

The fitness industry calls for the federal government’s further clarity concerning gym closures in curbing the spread of the deadly coronavirus outbreak. The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced the shut-down order of non-essential venues including indoor sports venues, casinos, nightclubs, entertainment venues, cinemas and gyms last Sunday. While a lot of gyms have obeyed this order, there is still confusion within the industry as there re several gyms with different facility types and services. Fitness Australia CEO Barrie Elvish in a statement said it is not clear if the fitness industry can still continue to offer their services such as a 1:1 training because since this observes the social-distancing measures and asked if these services can only be offered outdoors. The industry also wants clarification concerning the timeframe of the gym closures.

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