Why Are You Struggling With Belly Fat?

Almost everyone has been there. There are times we just don’t get satisfied with our appearance and we stare at our body in the mirror in complete despair and frustration. One of the things that can lead to that is excess belly fat.

Weight loss and losing belly fat has consumed a lot of people. There are lots of things you can do for you to feel comfortable and have confidence in your body. While doing this, you also get the opportunity to get healthy and eat better.

Why Are You Struggling With Belly Fat?Struggling with belly fat is a serious battle and a lot of people are struggling with it. Many have read tips and tricks to get rid of it in online articles and have tried all they could, but the fat just seems to be stubborn. While you are trying all you can to lose belly fat, there might be other things you have been doing that are sabotaging your efforts.

Do you exercise regularly, eat right and still feel like nothing is working as planned at all? The fact is, working out regularly and eating well are general and very relative statement.

Honestly, am sure you also know that you can do better in these areas. If you are going to really get rid of that belly fat, then you should know and act like you know that total-body wellness is a lifestyle.

Another tips for you to stop struggling with belly fat is that you need to ditch the scale and find an activity you enjoy doing instead of seeing it as something to occupy your time with.

You also need to be able to eat right and stop seeing foods as something to feed your emotions with.

No matter what your background is or who you are, there are high chances that knowing why you struggle with belly fat will help you know and take the right steps towards shedding pounds:

  1. What Drives You to Eat?

Why Are You Struggling With Belly Fat?Food is fuel. It gives us energy for our daily activities. But it is not everyone that look at food this way. Food is available at every gathering, sport centre and eateries around us. Foods are always there for us whenever we are having a bad day.

There are different reasons why people eat. For some if could be when they are hungry. Others could be when they are depressed, stress or anxious. You might also see food as something you should reward yourself with when something good happens.

So, find out what makes you eat. Come up with a plan for such moments, which could be taking a walk or having a conversation with a trusted or beloved one.

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  1. You’re eating wrong foods

Why Are You Struggling With Belly Fat?If you have been trying all you could but still not losing weight, then you need to check your kitchen. You need to pay more attention to what you are putting in your tummy as fuel since you probably mostly focus your energy on burning calories.

When it comes to losing belly fat, about 80% of the battle is on diet. The kinds of food you should be checking out are the ones that are right for you body type, metabolism and also consider sticking to all natural, whole foods.

Most of your carbs should be taken on your workout days and try to stick to just veggies and protein on days when you are doing light cardio.

Stay away from excess bread, sugar and processed foods.

  1. Overeating

Your body needs to run a calorie deficit if you are really going to get rid of belly fat. This means you need to burn more calories than you take in for you to lose weight. Life is about balance, so don’t think of depriving yourself.

Eat when you are hungry and don’t be in haste while you are at it. This will help you to stop just before you get too full. Going about with healthy snacks will also keep you from overeating as well.

  1. Too much stress

Why Are You Struggling With Belly Fat?Another reason why you are struggling with belly fat is that you put too much stress on the body. Not giving yourself enough time to recover after a tough day or tough workout can be negative since it might make your body to produce excess amount of the stress hormone, cortisol.

You should try to avoid a stressful professional and personal. Also, your mental and emotional health should be kept in check.

  1. Eating Low-Fat Foods

This might not make sense to you, but it is true that you need fat to burn fat. Avoid foods that are marketed as fat-free or low fat. Weight loss smoothies do not also help like you would expect. They might save you from few calories but you will get them in low-performing carbohydrates that digest quickly. This leads to sugar rush and followed by hunger.

  1. You’re doing too much cardio

It is necessary to add cardio to your workout routine. It has some benefits such as boosting your metabolism, giving you a good sweat and keeping your heart healthy, but overdoing it can wreck havoc to your health such as eating away at your lean muscle.

Your lean muscles are important if you want to increase your metabolism and burn more fat from your midsection. Your cardio session shouldn’t be more than 90 minutes since it can cause your body to focus more on endurance by storing energy as fat in order to make sure your body has enough reserved fuel to keep you going while you are doing your cardio. That’s not all; it dramatically increases your appetite, which makes you susceptible to overeating or unnecessary snacking.

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Losing weight and burning fat is all about eating low-glycemic, fibrous and protein-rich foods that require more energy to digest. If you really want to stop struggling with belly fat, then don’t just read this article and ignore the points that you can relate with in it. Make the necessary amendments where necessary. Your results might not be magical, but it will surely be worth all the troubles.

Stay Healthy.

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