Dr. Ryan Lazarus Paleo Reboot Program – Does It Work?


Welcome to the review of Dr. Ryan Lazarus Paleo Reboot Program.

The Paleo Reboot program promises to teach you everything you need to get started with a paleo diet. There are many paleo diet programs out there these days, but is The Paleo Reboot program different from others? Does it have anything new to offer users? Will it work for you?

Even though the Paleo Diet has been scientifically proven to be the real foods that humans being are genetically wired to live on, some of our subscribers aren’t sure about it still. Even if the Paleo Diet has been proven to work for anyone, some people just want to be sure and know what they are getting into if they eventually decide to check out this program.

This must be because of the trust issues they have developed over time, thanks to unrewarding diet programs everywhere. This is why I have decided to review the Paleo Reboot Program by Dr. Ryan Lazarus after going through the program myself.

The Paleo Reboot Program Review Content

On this review of the Paleo Reboot Program today, we will look into what exactly the guide is all about, the experience and credibility of the program’s author, the content of the program, the bonuses (if there is any), pros and cons of the program, customers review and feedback on the Paleo Diet and finally, my conclusion.

Paleo Reboot Diet ProgramWhat Is The Paleo Reboot Program?

The Paleo Reboot is a diet program that incorporates an online fitness community that is dedicated to helping people get into good shapes healthfully and naturally. Paleo Reboot provides users with online fitness program, eating plan and community support that will help them stay in shape as they go forward.

The Paleo Reboot program is a program that covers the basics of paleo diet. It has lots of recipes for different occasions. There are lots of starter guides in this program that coaches users on getting started.

The grocery lists that come with the program will help you to know exactly what to buy when you visit the supermarket instead of wondering around. Inside the Paleo Reboot program, you will learn about   eating out while you are on a diet. The paleo reboot programme encourages you to have a clean eat because naturally, you won’t be eating chemicals, artificial colours and dyes.

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The Paleo Reboot offers a number of vital features. This includes a meal plan for breakfast, snack and desserts. The meal plan has lots of satisfying recipes that are also tasty. The recipes are easy to make and you won’t even feel like you are eating ‘healthy foods’ all the time. The recipes are designed to help keep you full all day.

With the Paleo Reboot Program comes the following:

Quick Start Guide

One of the awesome benefits about this program is that it is a quick start guide. It comes with a way by which you can get started immediately. You will learn how to manage your weight and also keep illness at bay with the right techniques.

Exercise Program

The Paleo Reboot program comes with workout routine that don’t require special outfit or any equipment. All you need to do these exercises is just 10-20 minutes of your time every day. It consists of a few cardio moves, but the author of the program makes the move interesting and fun. You can do the workout any time of the day that is convenient for you. This makes it easy to drop excess body fat naturally.

Shopping Lists and Meal Plans

With the Paleo Reboot Program, you won’t have to worry about what to eat. The eBook provides you with everything you need daily in term of meal, recipes and ingredients. You will also learn about some daily tips that will help you stick to your meal plans and avoid cravings of r any temptation of snacking on unhealthy snacks.

There is no deprivation and you don’t have to eliminate anything. You will have simple. Delicious meals that will provide your body with the entire nutrient it needs.

The shopping lists that come with the program shows detailed listing f the things that you need. You can get them at any of the closest grocery store around you.

Snack ideas

Another good thing about the Paleo Reboot program is that it comes with more than 15 snack recipes that can help you say full all day. Some of the snack idea includes beef jerky, smoked salmon, high quality salami, fruit salads, Paleo granola. There are also a handful of nuts and piece of fruits that you can resort to when you feel like snacking. They are suitable for anyone on Paleo Diet.

Paleo Reboot Diet Program

About the Author – Who Is Dr. Ryan Lazarus?

Dr. Ryan Lazarus is the brain behind the Paleo Reboot Program. He designed the program to help people get on board with the Paleo Diet. His resources also aim to help people understand the harmful effect of many of the foods they eat everyday and how they can achieve immediate ad tremendous results by switching to Paleo.

Dr. Lazarus is a Certified Practitioner of Functional Medicine. He is also a Certified Nutritionist Specialist. He has a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. In this program, you will find easy-to-follow advice on losing weight in the right way. He also reveals the science behind the effectiveness of adding Paleo to one’s lifestyle and why it is quite helpful.

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Inside the Paleo Reboot Program

The Paleo Beginners Guide is a book from the Paleo Reboot program and it is offered for free. The guide provides newbie with a great introduction into the Paleo lifestyle.  The book features:

The Paleo Cures and Seasonal Foods eBooks also come with the program and they are free.

In the Paleo Reboot guide, you will get:

  1. Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
  2. A quick start-up guide that is designed t help you lose excess body fat, avoid disease and improve your health so that you can follow the pale diet correctly.
  3. Daily meals and daily instructions that will help you plan the ingredients you can stock up ahead.
  4. You will never have to struggle with what you should eat between meals again because the Paelo Reboot guide comes with snack ideas. They are easy and quick.
  5. The guide also includes tips of what to eat and what to avoid when you decide to dine out. Yu will also know how to order for paleo meal in a restaurant.
  6. In the Paleo Reboot program, there are tips on how users can make use of paleo foods as a natural cure for their medical conditions such as migraines, arthritis, diabetes, inflammation and lots more.
  7. You will also find how to buy healthy and delicious paleo food in season all though the year.

Pros of the Paleo Reboot program

From what Dr. Ryan Lazarus has promised his guide and what some users of the Paleo Reboot Program has reported, the following are what you can expect to get from the Paleo Reboot Program:

  1. The Paleo Reboot guide offers a 21day detox and reboot. This is designed to help users reset their metabolism so that they can become healthier than ever. The following are the benefits that users of the Paleo reboot program have claimed.
  2. Losing weight rapidly and easily. The weight will also be kept at bay for a long time. It provides you with the opportunity to lose weight and keep it off.
  3. The Paleo Reboot guide will help you add more quality to your life by giving you energy to run your daily activities.
  4. With the Paleo Reboot program, you can heal body from the inside out and get rid of harmful chemical and toxins.
  5. You will feel and look younger enough for people around you to notice. This is good for your confidence.
  6. The Paleo Reboot diet is designed to help you break any form of food addiction, which could be to processed foods, junk, sugar, carbs and be free from cravings. This way, you will feel much healthier.
  7. The Paleo Program comes with 60 days money back guarantee for any user that is not satisfied with the program for whatever reason.

Paleo Reboot Diet ProgramCons of the Paleo Reboot program

The Paleo Reboot program is only available in digital format only.

Even though this type of weight loss approach has been proven to work for any one, you shouldn’t expect it to work magically on you. You will still need time and dedication.

The Paleo Reboot Program – Users’ Reviews

So far, most of the feedbacks from users are good. One of the users pointed out how much he liked the Paleo Reboot program, especially the explanation on reading of reading food labels. He also mentioned that he got to discover the right sets of food to eat to keep his body in good health.

Another user mentioned that the Paleo Reboot program helps him understand better the breakdown of carbohydrates, sugars, calories and fat. He also gets to understand the food that will give him satiety and longevity.

Another user of the Paleo Reboot program mentioned that he enjoyed how the program explained precisely what he need to do in term of eating out since he does that a lot because of the nature of his job. Now, dining out has become a pleasurable and fun activity and he doesn’t have to worry about eating out with family and friends. He was able to make healthy choices when it comes to what to eat and what to avoid.

The Paleo Reboot program appears to be solid, scientifically proven and tested technique for losing excess body fat naturally and healthfully. Instead of starving yourself with some diets that are meant to be temporary and the ending up getting back all the weight you have lost after the program, the Paleo Reboot program gives you supportive community, a lot of healthy meal plan recipes to choose from and workout routine that is effective and easy. Losing weight has become easy with the Paleo. You get to improve your overall health while staying in great shape.

Paleo Reboot Diet ProgramPricing

The 21 day Paleo Reboot Program is made available at a one-time cost of $37. The Paleo Beginners Guide is free. However, you will have to pay for handling and shipping which cost $6.95. to get the Paleo Reboot Pram, you can download the free book or get the 21 Day Paleo Reboot program directly from the official website of the product.


You have enough time to try out everything that the Paleo Reboot program is offering. If you are not satisfied with the work of the program for whatever reason after two months, then you can ask for a refund of your investment by emailing the customer support team of the program.

Checking out the program is risk-free, especially since it has the possibility of having such a positive impact on your wellbeing and overall health.

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