Flat Belly Detox Review 2018 – Hidden Secrets Revealed

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Welcome to this review of the Flat Belly Detox system by Josh Houghton. It is very frustrating to lose the struggle against weight loss. It is even more annoying when this excess body fat is stored is around your midsection or accumulated around your thighs and butts but refuse to dissolve after several efforts.

Just like Josh Houghton mentioned, it sucks to be overweight or struggle with obesity. From Josh experience growing up as a fat child, he got bullied a lot. People talked and laugh behind him, others look at him strangely.

Another hard thing to do when you are overweight is looking smart, that’s kinda hard. It is also hard to find clothes that fit or do not expose the protruding fatty parts of the body.

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You might have heard a lot about the Flat Belly Detox program but this review is intended to help you learn everything you need to know about this program.

On this review today, you will learn about everything the Flat Belly Detox program is all about, the author, the content of the program, the benefits and cons, expert’s review and our final thoughts about the program.

What Is The Flat Belly Detox About?

Just like the title already suggest, the Flat Belly Detox system to help you melt away belly fat while detoxing your body. The program comes with main manual and numerous workout routine.

The program allows you to flush out fat from your body with the effective and simple tips that the Flat Belly Detox program highlights in a step-by-step method. The program offers lots of advice and recipes, exercise tips that will help you melt away excess fat.

The Flat Belly Detox Program – Who Is Josh Houghton?

Josh Houghton is the brain behind the Flat Belly Detox guide. Josh used to struggle with weight himself right from his childhood. He started developing weight related health issues such as diabetes. According to him, he invested many of his years dealing with several weight loss systems that didn’t work for him

He was later assisted by his doctor and a fat loss expert, Coach Derek Wahler. Together, they came up with this special detox program and the weight loss strategies highlighted in his program helped Josh achieve his weight loss gaols and reached good health.

It was after the success that Josh experienced with the detox program that he partnered with Derek to share them in the Program to help others reach their fat loss objectives and enhances their lifestyle.

Who Is The Flat Belly Detox program for?

The Flat Belly Detox program is designed for people who are looking to flatten their belly by melting away excess abdominal fat. the guide is also suitable for people that are suffering from weight-related ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, which visceral fats are usually responsible for.

According to doctors, the most dangerous fat in the body is the one that is hidden deep in the tommy. It nothing good to offer the body and it is usually stubborn and not easy to lose. The Program seeks to help people to improve their health by getting rid of abdominal fat.

The guide takes users through 3 key steps along with daily morning exercise routine, you can start to feel like a whole new person. Working with your body in supporting optimal functioning can help you achieve positive health and weight loss naturally.

Inside The Flat Belly Detox Program

Once you get the Flat Belly Detox guide, you will be able to have access o some resources. Starting with the main manual will introduce you to the program and get you motivated enough to embark on your journey to weight loss. For the next 21 days, users are expected to follow daily steps of instructions, along with a morning exercise.

These 3 steps are linked to your diet and you will be encouraged to build new and healthy habit. The first step relates to the morning meals, the second step highlights the tips for lunch while the third step focuses on dinner.

As you incorporate all these into your daily activities, Josh Houghton claims that you will start seeing noticeable results in your body with your belly fat melting away, making you full of energy and feeling refreshed.

The program consists of intermittent fasting and boosting your fat-burning hormones. Each step of the first section of the program helps you to learn how they are important. The first step, which is for breakfast, encourages you to eat instant energy recipes such as turmeric and coconut oil, so it is technically skipping of morning meal.

However, the lunch and dinner steps offer you options and choice. You will get full recipes. You will be eating delicious soups. For example, eating an Italian soup as dinner won’t make you feel like you on a detoxifying weight loss program.

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After you might have familiarized yourself with the diet-related steps, you can then go ahead to check out the Flat Belly Detox workouts.

These workouts are offered in video form. You just have to press the play button and follow along. You will be doing one workout every morning, but it would be on an empty tommy. For people that can’t workout on an empty tommy, or you just feel that the workouts are too challenging for you, you can let Derek know, and modifications will be sent to you.

The Flat Belly Detox Program – Bonus

The bonus section of the Flat Belly Detox guide comes with about 15 delicious recipes which you will also have instant access to, once you get the program.

Another way by which you can optimize the benefit of this program is introducing these recipes into your routine on a weekly basis after the 21 days. This will help you double your results. Some of the recipes are:

Apart from those, there is another long list of foods that you should have in your household such as organic eggs, cherries, steak, blackberries, carrots and so much more. You will also get a list of the foods you should eliminate from your diet. This consists of pasta sauce , milk and others that will surprise you.

Benefits Of The Flat Belly Detox Program

Any program that encourages you to adopt a more stable weight and improve your health comes with endless benefit. Such is the case of the Flat Belly Detox program. With this guide, you are encourages to live a lifestyle that will provide you with positive mood, high energy and positive wellbeing. You will feel like a whole new person while shedding belly fat.

Investing in the Flat Belly Detox Program helps you benefit in the following ways:

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The Flat Belly Detox Guide Is Quite Educative

  1. You will learn why you should perform each of these exercises, which increases your overall understanding on working out to lose weight. You will learn about the importance of fat burning hormones and ‘metabolism window’ trick educated you on how your body works and ways by which you can optimize your health.
  2. You will also learn about the importance of fat burning hormones and ‘metabolism window’ trick educated you on how your body works and ways by which you can optimize your health.
  3. You will gain nutritional knowledge that people are paying tons of money to get. It is expensive to seek the advice of a personal trainer or a nutritionist, but you can have access to it all with Flat Belly Detox program and at a low price at that.

Well Planned

The Flat Belly Detox Program is written in an easy to understand format and users will never feel overwhelmed. You will be excited to red through each of the sections as you keep learning more news things about getting rid of belly fat and improving your overall health.


The Flat Belly Detox system focuses more on helping you lose fats around your mid-section. Achieving this will help you develop a healthier self-esteem and finely-shaped body, especially if you follow the guide to the letter.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

This program is made available with a 100% money back guarantee. So you can get the program, read through everything and also watch the videos and apply the tips highlighted there but if you can see any positive changes within 2 months, then you can email the author to get a full refund of your investment in the program.

The Flat Belly Detox Program – Cons

Even if the program promises you will see results in 21 days, you still need disciple and patience if you really want to see results with it.

It is a digital product. You will need strong internet to access the Flat Belly Detox program, especially the videos.

 Reviews of The Flat Belly Detox Program

A number of people have gone through the program and report that it is effective and has helped them achieve weight loss within a short period of time. Also, most review sites have recommended this program.

On the question on whether or not the Flat Belly Detox program is a scam, healthybrags.com said it is not and recommends the program. They also believe it is a program that makes it possible for male and female to lose body fat and attain a figure they can be happy with.

Anna Fleszer of ebookweek.com mentioned that the program provide users with the opportunity to have a healthier, slimmer and happier life.

In Summary

If you are ready to flatten your belly and improve your health, then you might want to give the Flat Belly Detox program a chance. The Flat Belly Detox guide is offered at an amazing deal of $37.

The program was invented by a victim of health and weight issues, which really makes the program a success. The program seems like a transformation journey. It seeks to motivate users to become healthy by delivering happiness, inspiration and hope.

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