Grass-fed ghee is one of the modern kitchen staples. This dairy delicacy is known for its medicinal benefits provided you know the titbit of using it in your food regime. Some health freaks are there who love to experiment with different cooking ingredients. If you are one such food enthusiast, you can try Grass-fed cow ghee in multiple ways to enjoy the combo of unique taste and quality health benefits.

In the modern healthy kitchen, the best possible focus is laid on nutritious food items which are suitable for people of age group. Furthermore, special attention is given on versatile food products which are good to eat and helpful for preparing tasty healthy dishes. Ghee is one such example of a versatile food that you can use in multiple ways for enjoying awesome health benefits.

Ghee in food

You can use ghee as a healthy cooking oil. It is safe for cooking even against the higher range of temperature. No matter if you are a food enthusiast or a fantastic home cook, ghee in food will add a different texture and a nutty flavour that you can relish.

Ghee for making an energy drink

In our home, we add one teaspoon grass-fed ghee in our morning tea and coffee. The nutty flavour, creamy feel and loads of calorie makes it a delectable morning drink. I found it is the best short cut for making a natural energy drink and to start a day fresh with lots of healthy energy.

If you are following a weight-loss mission, exactly as I am in, this ghee treated coffee is one of the best natural drinks you can rely on.

Add more life in your chicken salad

I use drizzled ghee in my chicken salad. I like the taste and it is a wonderful substitute of grass-fed butter.

The casein and lactose-free dairy (ghee) product supply me nutrients, a healthy dose of MCT and loads and butyrate. Besides taste and aroma, these two healthy ingredients are helpful for maintaining a healthy colon and healthy detoxed digestive system.

Want to make a healthy start with ghee in your breakfast? Use ghee on your morning roast and add one teaspoon ghee in your morning coffee… you will rock for sure!

Ghee is a baking friendly cooking oil

Not all oils are baking friendly. Not only low smoking point, but some uncomfortable aroma may also spoil your baked delicacy. But if you use ghee, you are at the safest hand.

Grass fed ghee offers high smoke point; there is no risk of breaking down the oil against high temperature. The nutty aroma makes the baked items yummy and double yummy that you can’t resist to taste them on and on…

A true versatile cooking oil

You can use cow ghee for cooking both vegetarian dishes as well as for cooking non-vegetarian delicacies. It is storage friendly and does not require any refrigeration support.

I use ghee for preparing sweet dishes, which are mostly easy to digest.  Ghee cooked foods suit kids as well as aged people even with some distinct health benefits.

Ghee is healthy for pregnancy diet

A pregnant woman as well as a lactating woman needs a high-calorie diet and that is one of the reasons, ghee diet helps them in getting proper nutrition in a balanced manner. It is one of the most premium benefits of using ghee in your kitchen.

Ghee in diet helps a woman to nurse her baby better and in pregnancy, it works helpful for the baby’s growth in the womb along with the mother’s balanced wellbeing.

That’s all about using ghee in a smart kitchen where you can enjoy its every detail in your favour. I love to use ghee because it keeps heart healthy, controls bad cholesterol, and helps in organized weight control. You can use ghee as you want it to use, which is the beauty of this dairy product…however, don’t forget using it with moderation.

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