Trainers, Nutritionists

Fierce Physiques is a Mobile training based gym that offers clients Mobile nutritional coaching and training plans for weight loss and competition prep. Clients’ progress and specific needs are attended to through phone updates or in-person appointments. All coaching is done via skype, phone, and email. Clients are given specific guidelines on how to eat flexibly while progressing with their goals. Individual plans are written according to the client’s goals, body structure, personal needs and preferences, nutritional understanding, and fitness level. The facility aims at teaching the development of healthy lifelong habits at the individual’s pace, creating new healthy recipes according to the individual’s food likes/dislikes, and creating an exercise routine & schedule around the person’s abilities, energy, and time needs. However, clients are expected to follow their plans, and check-in bi-weekly for accountability & necessary updates. This coaching style helps clients to develop the confidence to do this on their own without always needing to “yo-yo” diet their entire life

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