H.I.I.T –high-intensity interval training is becoming popular as a strategy for burning body fat. We are beginning to understand why short intense workouts are better than spending hours on exercises. Here are the reasons…

Getting enough exercise helps you stay healthy. However, it’s not easy to get the health benefits of exercise because of a busy lifestyle. You are not alone in this. Others have had to cancel their gym membership.

why short intense workouts are the best

The many benefits of physical activities are a well-known among people but only few get enough of it. According to Adam Steer, the author of Bodyweight Burn program, a fitness routine is your best bet when it comes to getting active, except your job is physically demanding.

What is unfortunate is that a lot of people feel they don’t have enough time to work out, which is why short intense workouts are better. If you are part of these people, then it might be time for you to check out H.I.I.T –high-intensity interval training for burning body fat.

HIIT is a term that is used to describe workouts that involve doing intense exercise for short periods and alternating it with intense recovery periods.

One big reason why short intense workouts are better is that H.I.I.T can give you great health benefits in a very short period of time and another advantage is the fact that it fits the busiest lifestyle.

This article examines why short intense workouts are better, which are the top benefits of H.I.I.T according to Adam Steer’s Bodyweight Burn program. The way forward is short workouts. This method of training can benefit every aspect of your life, without disturbing your daily schedule.

The Bodyweight Burn pdf helps to incorporate the power of short intense workouts with bodyweight exercises into users’ lifestyle and gives the following reasons why you should also start incorporating short intense workouts into your daily activities. He also highlighted other reasons why bodyweight exercises are the best.

8 Reasons Why Short Intense Workouts Are Better

1. More Focus – H.I.I.T workouts are intense and require infallible concentration. Even though the training period is short, you cannot be slack while you are at it. Unlike how you do it with a long exercise, you can’t can’t cover a lethargic attitude in a H.I.I.T, just because you lack the time.

2. Time Efficient

why short intense workouts are the best

Working out demands dedication and these make a lot of people to back out. With short intense workout, you don’t have to hide behind your calendar or tight daily schedule anymore. H.I.I.T is more time efficient with great health benefit in a short time.

A study in the Journal of Physiology revealed that sprint interval training for 10 minutes daily for three times per week showed results such as increased insulin sensitivity and reduced aortic stiffness in participants.

3. Fast results – Research revealed that just 15 minutes of high intensity work out, done two to three times in a week, can result in better results more than slow and steady exercises that are performed five times per week.

This burns fat and boosts cardiovascular health. High-intensity interval training also produces hormones that help to build muscle, which further improves the growth of tissue and bones in the body.

4. Has More Fun and Easier To Stick To

Short intense workouts are more enjoyable than other forms of exercise. You can customize it to suit what you love and enjoy. Short intense workout or H.I.I.T sounds intimidating than the usual workouts and harder, but people do have fun while at it – a lot.

Researchers confirmed this in a study where participants revealed that they enjoy short intense workout because it is constantly changing and more time efficient. This is why you are more likely to stick to H.I.I.T, which will keep the rewards rolling in.

5. Stay Happy

The impacts that exercise have on one of the ‘happiness chemicals’ of the brain – endorphins are common knowledge. However, according to a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, just one hour of workout in a week, which is about 10 minutes of exercise per day, could help to prevent up to 12% of the cases of depression.

Another study revealed how people pedaling a stationary bike 15 minutes reduced the cortisol level, the stress hormone in people that were taking an antidepressant and helped them achieve bodyweight burn.

6. Boost Your Endurance Levels

Whenever you are slogging while running, pick it up for just 60 seconds. A minute of short intense workout can improve your overall health and boost your endurance levels. You get to enjoy improved blood pressure and increase your mitochondria count, which further benefits you by fuelling your brain and body.

7. Manages Weight

Short intense workouts have calorie-burning benefits that keep coming several hours after you’ve left the fitness center. A study from Southern Illinois University shows that participants who did 11 minutes of H.I.I.T, 3days a week, were able to increases their resting metabolic rate and fat burning well so that unwanted body fat was kept at bay.

8.     Get Rid Of Toxins

HIIT is one of the natural ways to detoxify your body. It can help you to get rid of harmful toxins properly through your skin when you sweat. One of its many benefits is helping your body excrete toxins such as mercury, lead, and metal through sweating, which is an effective means of detoxing to lose weight, especially to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Start with a consistent workout plan that fits your schedule and preferences that will help you stay lean and healthy.

The Bottom Line

H.I.I.T is a really efficient way to work out. It may help you achieve weight loss than you would when you adopt other forms of exercise.

Part of the calories you burn from doing high-intensity intervals training is from a higher metabolism. It lasts for several hours after the work out.

With HIIT, you get the same benefits like the ones you get from other forms of exercise in a shorter time such as lower body fat, blood pressure and heart rate. You will also enjoy lower blood sugar and improved insulin sensitivity.

If you don’t have enough time to get active, then you should consider high-intensity interval training. Now, ‘lack of time’ is no longer an excuse for not working out.

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