Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Program Works?


Welcome to this review of Bruce Krahn’s program, Lean Belly Breakthrough.

If you have watched the promo video for Lean Belly Breakthrough, then you probably know some few things about the program already.

Bruce Krahn mentioned that the Lean Belly Breakthrough program delivers scientifically proven techniques of losing weight and it is designed to help users lose 1 pound of belly fat per day, with just 2 minutes of workout.

In the video, Bruce also said that Lean Belly Breakthrough can help reverse the symptoms of weight related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular health conditions. Other things that Bruce mentioned that the Lean Belly Breakthrough program can help users achieve include improved skin, restored youthful energy, better libido, reversed arthritis symptoms and improved joint elasticity. Bruce also mentioned that has program can make you feel 10 years younger.

There are no medications, undergoing strenuous workouts, or special gadgets involved in this program, instead of all these, the Lean Belly Breakthrough is a program that is supposed to work using only body movements and all natural ingredients. The body movements are the kind you can implement in the comfort of your home. Also, according to Bruce, everything is laid out in simple, step-by-step instructions.

This could be the same reason why Bruce has also claimed that he has helped more than 100,000 men and women of different age groups with the Lean Belly Breakthrough by getting to the root cause of their belly fat, and reducing their symptoms of heart disease, and diabetes.

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Now, although there are lots of positive feedbacks from the users of the Lean Belly Breakthrough guide and so far, most of the review sites have also promoted it. However, how can we be sure that the reviews are not biased? Are the before/after photos of Lean Belly Breakthrough program users on the internet real? Can Bruce Krahn deliver on his promise? So, does the Lean Belly Breakthrough program work?

One thing about the Lean Belly Breakthrough program is that the promo video presentation of the program did not tell us exactly how the program works. We are here to help you figure that out.

But first…

What’s Inside The Lean Belly Breakthrough Guide?

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a very intriguing and information-packed book that offers you the tools, techniques and information needed to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. It educates users on how to combine the right diet, herbs, spices and body movements to lose excess belly fat very fast. The Program consists of 7 eBook manuals:

A Quick Primer on Belly Fat, Heart Disease, & Diabetes

Belly fat is clinically known as visceral fat. It forms just like other fats in the body. People generally worry about belly fat because it disfigures their shapes, does not make cloths fit better, make people avoid beach parties and reduces one’s self esteem. However, doctors do not see it that way. They advise patients against it, not because of the need for them to look physically fit, but because of their health. Why is that?

The pernicious problem with this belly fat is that it releases cytokines. This can greatly increase your chance of cardiovascular (heart) disease and increase your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, bad (LDL) cholesterol, and more. This means that visceral fat has some very serious side effect.

So, exactly how does the Lean Belly Breakthrough program address this? This brings us to how the program works.

How Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Work?

Even though the video promo of the Lean Belly Breakthrough is very long, the question about how the program works was never answered. From what we could gather from the information in the video, it appears that users are made to implement a few given “simple foods, herbs, and spices,” and 5 specified natural body movements, which are to be performed in a very specific fashion.

Bruce guarantees that you would lose at least 10% of your body fat in 2 weeks into the program as you make use of these foods and movements. This is a fairly significant loss in just 2 weeks.

However, you should take note of these 2 facts:

Does The Lean Belly Breakthrough Really Provide Safe and Healthy Weight Loss?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is ideal and healthy for people to lose about 1-2 pounds of body fat per week, and the results are bound to be long term.

However, any eating plan or diet that helps you lose more than 1-2 pounds of fat in a week is considered to be a “crash” diet in the fitness industry. Also, health care providers do not recommend this for their patients looking to lose weight. Why’s that?

It is not exactly healthy for anyone to lose weight at such fast rate and not sustainable. Even though a crash diet helps you get ready for upcoming beach party or high school reunion, there is a very high possibility of you regaining the weight you have lost.

Also, there is different between weight loss and fat loss. Crash diet help users achieve weight loss, which could include the loss of muscle as well. This is bound to affect the appearance of someone.

However, this can be corrected with the right exercises, which would help users sustain their muscle mass. Even if the Lean Belly Breakthrough program is concluded to be a crash diet, I don’t think users will suffer any significant side effect of a crash diet since there are also some body movement workouts included in the program.

Personally, I am not a fan of “quick fix” diets, but when I think about the epidemics that visceral fats have caused in the life of people, I believe losing weight fast will motivate people to want to keep it that way.

Besides, people tend to give up when they have been on a diet for a long time without losing weight.

That’s if the Lean Belly Breakthrough program really works anyway. We will learn more about that in the Customers’ Review section.

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Is It Possible To Only Lose Only Belly Fat?

So far, the only tried and confirmed technique for losing body fat and making it permanent is through diet and exercise. Even with that, you will have to lose the fat around in the body at the same rate.

Therefore, there is really nothing like spot fat loss. You can’t only lose fat in your belly area.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough – Pricing

The Lean Belly Breakthrough manual is made available at a one-time cost of $37. After payment, you will be able to download the material immediately.

Just like every other products that are sold through Clickbank, the Lean Belly Breakthrough program also comes with 60 days refund policy. If you want your refund to be fast, it is better you call Clickbank directly at 800-390-6035.

From the users’ review that we scouted for on the internet, Loraine was able to a refund of his investment in the program by contacting Bruce himself since he was already personally familiar with most of the things in the Lean Belly Breakthrough guide. So, you have nothing to fear.

Users’ Experience And Review

Speaking of Users’ Experience, what are users saying about the Lean Belly Breakthrough program?

Daniel Adam mentioned in his review that the Lean Belly Breakthrough guide is a great weight loss program. According to him, he started the program 2 weeks ago and has already started seeing results in his energy less and size. He mentioned that he has also improved his eating habit and hopes to continue with the program, even after reaching is weight loss goals.

McDonna responded to people that think the Lean Belly Breakthrough program might not be real by asking them to focus on the elephant in the room, which is the question ‘have you followed the program the way it is presented?’

Leo G Brown mentioned that the advise and health tips that are in the Lean Belly Breakthrough guide aren’t absolutely new and hope the guide will be subjected to ‘clinical trials’ before it should be classified as an authentic system.

Jack mentioned in his review of the Lean Belly Breakthrough guide that the program has helped him lose 30lbs and 4 inches around his waist in just 1 month. He said the advice on exercise and meals have been very helpful.

Aaron thinks that the Lean Belly Breakthrough’s presentation video has too many adverts and so he believes that it should be briefer.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough Program – Is It Worth Checking Out?

As early said, like few other weight loss programs, the Lean Belly Breakthrough program didn’t reveal how exactly it helps people achieve their weight loss goals. I thought it might seem like Bruce is giving out all the secrets but there is still the reality that a program like this does come with poor customer feedback. Also, for some, most of the information they contain can be found elsewhere online. Is the Lean Belly Breakthrough guide any different?

I have personally gone through the Lean Belly Breakthrough eBook. It has some information about things that are common knowledge; however the program digs deeper in his explanations and information about losing belly fat and staying healthy. Also, there were definitely new things I learned.

One good this about the program is that you can get a refund of your investment in the program if you later don’t think it is worth it.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough guide – The Pro

  1. Bruce Krahn has the credibility it takes to have authored a program like the Lean Belly breakthrough. 15 years experience as a personal trainer and trainers of celebrities is definitely worth something.
  2. The Lean Belly Breakthrough program is designed for everyone, but a little more focus on people that are 35 years and above. The workout routine and meal plans can easily be following by anyone.
  3. The Lean Belly breakthrough program works to target the real cause of weight gain in people.
  4. The program comes with 100% money back guarantee for people that want a refund. The truth of this was confirmed in Loraine’s review.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough Guide – The Not-So-Good

  1. Even though Bruce was able to save his father-in-law’s life, you cannot use this guide to replace professional healthcare.
  2. The program is only available in digital format.

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There’s really no risk in giving this program the Lean Belly Breakthrough program, if you are interested. If you are not happy with the weight loss techniques or the suggestions in the program doesn’t work for you, you have until 2 months to decide that. There is a 60 day money back guarantee, after which you can get a refund.

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