The 30 Minute Body Review – Does Lee Hare’s Program Work?

30 Minute Body Program

Almost everyone wants to lose weight, but most people do not want to stop there. Given the chance, others will proceed to build a stronger, lean, healthy and muscled body and rocking the awesome six packs. However, where is the time?

Everyone seems to be busy these days. So, when it comes to what goes into the mouth, there is no time to be picky. Where’s the time to prepare food or drive to healthier places to eat? There is hardly any job that doesn’t involve stress.

So, the only way most people know best to cope with daily stress and reward themselves after the long day is by going home and offering themselves sweet, tasty ‘treat’ such as chocolate, ice cream and dessert to feel better.

I can say being overweight isn’t your fault. How can you help being overweight when you are lured into staying longer on the couch with hot new series on Netflix, constantly being screamed at by restaurants and fast food companies at every turn. We all love food.

How can you now lose weight while enjoying all these tasty treats? This brings us to the review of the 30 Minute Body program. This is because that’s exactly what this program promises users.

30 Minute Body ProgramReview Content

This review of Lee Hare’s 30 Minute Body program includes:

The 30 Minute Body Program – About The Author

30 Minute Body ProgramThe 30 Minute Body program is created by an online fitness coach, Lee Hare. He is a former police officer. He is the creator of Harefit fitness brand with expanding social media presence.

The author used to be someone that was careless with what he ate and the pressure from shift work didn’t help as well. These made it hard for him to pay attention to the nutrition advice.

He was a police officer that was out of shape and carrying out the aspects of his job that required intense physical activity. Such activities left him weak, tired, out of breath and with sweating dripping down his face. It was harder for him to control guys he’s arresting.

30 Minute Body ProgramAfter an embarrassing experience that his 245 pounds of body fat brought him while trying to arrest a man, he decided to get trained with someone that has had a stunning transformation. Through intense training program and hard work, he was able to lose weight.

What Exactly Is the 30 Minute Body Program?

The 30 Minute Body Program is a fitness program that is designed to help users shred 30 pounds of fat in 90 days while building strong, sexy and lean muscle with challenging metabolic circuits, advanced strength training and eating their favourite delicious foods.

30 Minute Body ProgramThe Basis Of The 30 Minutes Body Program

Hare indeed lost weight. However, in order to keep off the excess body fat for good, he researched further.

He discovered what he calls a piece of research study, which was conducted by G.T. Anderson and R.E. Morgan at the University of Leeds in 1953.

This particular study is said to have given birth to circuit training.

The study revealed the benefits that one can derive by linking workouts together and one after another without resting. This was shown to significantly improve endurance level, speed work and overall fitness, in lesser time, compared to the amount spent on traditional workouts!

After delving deeper into this research, Hare found out that even the world’s best athletic coaches have adopted this style of training. They have used circuit training to help their athletes achieve the very best results in the most efficient time amount available.

Hare himself was able to do more than lose weight. Through trial and error, solid guidance and hard work, he eventually lost more than 45 pounds of body fat.

Further research revealed that the best ways through which one can pack on lean muscle is using compound exercises. To recruit big muscle, you will need big lift with heavy weight and not the machines and bicep curls that most people are used to.

After going through all the studies, Hare formed his workouts with compound exercises, circuit training and the progressive overload from his trainer and he got an awesome result. He was able to transform himself from the unfit and overweight person to strong, lean and healthy person.

Initially, Hare’s goal was focused on himself but now, that has changed to helping others so that they can also benefit from the training guide he has developed.

How Does The 30 Minute Body Program Work?

You are required to train for 30 minutes 3 times per week. When you’re not training, you get to eat a flexible diet that takes care of your cravings and still gets you quick results.

The program makes use of 3 key ingredients that have been proven to help lose body fat and build lean physique. This includes:

  1. Compound Strength Exercise: This involves key lifts working a lot of muscle groups at the time to accelerate the growth of muscle mass within a short period of time.
  2. AMRAP Circuits: This is aimed that leveling up your metabolism so that you can burn belly fat even as you sleep.
  3. Micro Progression: This is said to be an underused secret in the fitness industry. It is aimed at tricking into lifting weights in ways you have never thought possible to boost your endurance level.

The methods in this 30 Minutes Body program is somewhat controversial as it goes against everything we all have been traditionally taught to make us lose weight, such as eating ‘clean’, at least 90 minutes cardio session, training 5 times per week and staying away from treats.

With the 30 Minute Body program, you get to eat the delicious foods you love, completely skip cardio equipments, train only 3 times in a week, lose weight and build lean and tone muscle.

30 Minute Body ProgramAccording to Hare, athletes such as Dan Bailey, Christmas Abbott, Christian Thibaudeau and some others that were mentioned have being using the compound strength training or AMRAP methods of training but it’s not that they used The 30 Minute Body program.

What Do You Get With The 30 Minute Body?

30 Minute Body Program

Getting this program gives you access to a complete 12 week 30 Minute Body program that covers every aspect of your nutrition and training. This allows you to strip fat as you build lean muscle.

Learn the Micro Progression technique and how to implement the fast, explosive workouts to get maximum results. Learn how to work out, track your macros and calories so that you can continue eating delicious foods.

30 Minute Body ProgramAlong with bonus you also get:

– A Nutrition guide that still allows you to eat whatever you want. Have access to flexible diet plan customized to you.

-A complete supplement guide with no industry BS

-Printable workout sheets

-Complete guide to eating out: Banish the guilt of eating out and having fun with family and friends.

– An adapted home work out: This is a program that you can do in the comfort of your home.

– Daily Victory Tracker and workout tracker: This is created to keep you motivated towards your weight loss goal. You also get to track your own progress.

-You will also become a member of the Harefit Heroes Community.

Who Is The 30 Minute Body Program For?

The 30 minute body is a program is designed for people that want to lose weight but do not have the time. According to Hare, he created the program after his clients, friends and family all told him that what was hindering them from achieving their weight loss goals was the lack of time to complete a good exercise routine.

There is 30 Minute Workouts to blast away body fat and you only have to do it in just 3 days of the week. The program is supported with a nutrition program that is flexible, so you get to eat your favourite foods while losing weight.

Will The 30 Minute Body Program Work For Me?

Considering the fact that there are individual body differences, you might wonder if the program will work for you. While it is true that our bodies are different, but they way they all burn stored fat to use as fuel is not different.

The program is based on the experience of the Hare, his trainer and past studies, which provide users with the best way to lose weight.

If you are doubtful about the program, there is an advantage of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Users’ Review Of The 30 Minute Body

Chuks M mentioned in his review that the workouts in the program are intense, but rhe results can’t be argued with. According to him, the author, Lee Hare, keeps him on point with daily tricks, tips and encouragement. Also, Chuks gets the drive and motivation he needs from trying to beat the score of the previous week.

Another user, Chris H, enjoys the simple eating plan and loves how the 30 minutes workout fits perfectly into his busy lifestyle.

What Does The Research Say About The Methods In This Program?

The following are research studies that support Lee Hare’s scientific claims:

  1. You lose more weight with shorter workouts!
  2. What makes the 30 Minute Body program so effective.
  3. The 1953 research conducted by G.T. Anderson and R.E. Morgan at the University of Leeds.

Advantages of the 30 Minute Body program

The Best For a Busy Lifestyle

The 30 Minute Body program fits into the busiest of lifestyles. No matter how busy you are, you will still have time to watch TV, scroll through social media or play video games.

So, there is no way you won’t be able to spare 90 minutes in a whole week to do this. The program has been properly timed that from the time you will step onto the gym floor to stretching out at the end, everything will only take you 30 minutes.

However, you can do the workouts for 1 hour is you want. You can add your own exercises.

Works For Everyone

The program works for all. There are no complicated lifts involved, so women can as well benefit from it. It is also created in consideration of beginners and everyone in different fitness level.


The whole program is properly laid out in a very simple and easy-to-follow calendar.

It is Convenient

The program allows you to work at your own pace and the workouts can also be adjusted to your current abilities. So apart from beginners, people that are over 40 have also been found to respond better to this style of training. You are only working out 3 times per week, so this gives your body enough time to recover.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If after you have tried all the workout plans, circuit training, compound exercises and other tips shared in this program, and you still haven’t seen any positive changes after that, you can send an email to Hare and you will receive a full refund of your investment without any questioned asked.

Hare made the promise of helping you to lose 1 pound of fat each day. If you don’t hit that 10 pounds in 30 days into this program, then message the author for a full refund.

The 30 Minute Body Program – Disadvantages

Losing Lots of Body Fat

According to the author of this program, if your goal is not to lose a lot of body fat for now but you just want to lose little, then this program is certainly not for you. He mentioned that an average client of his lose 30 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks.  

Not a ‘Fad’ Diet

The program is not a starvation program because you will be eating big meals of your favourite foods. You won’t be eating boring chicken and vegetables. 30 minute body nutrition program lets you eat good food and lose weight.

Visiting The Gym

Apart from some of the workouts that you can do form the comfort of your home with minimal equipments, you will still need to visit the fitness centre for others such as lifting weight.

You Still Need Medical Advice

You might need to seek a medical practitioner’s advice before starting this fitness program, especially if you have an injury and have not been working out. There may be need for you to take the time out to get fully fit first. After this, you can then accept the challenge of The 30 Minute Body.

Digital Format Only

The 30 Minute Body is a set of digital eBooks that is made available for instant download. You can access it through your smartphone, computer or tablet.


You can stop feeling frustrated at your increasing waistline. There is no excuse for not working out anymore. The 30 Minute Body provides a full 12 week plan, which has been mapped out for users for guaranteed results.

The aim of the 30 Minute Body program is not to make you lose muscle, but to get rid of extra pounds in your body while maintaining and building lean muscle. The program is available for $15 and you can get a refund if it does not meet your expectations within the period of 8 weeks. This sounds like you have nothing to lose.

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