my cellulite solution program reviewMy Cellulite Solution -Does It Work?

There are tons of things that make anyone lose their confidence in their bodies. There is belly fat, there is facial acnes and there is cellulite. One of these dreadful things is the cellulite. Many women are struggling with cellulite all over the globe. According to The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, there are about 90% of such women. This brings us to the review of My Cellulite Solution program.

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This review will be divided into four sections.

In the first section, we will be discussing general information about cellulite such as what cellulite really is, the causes, the process and its effects on individuals and you can skip this if you are already familiar with all the info.

In the second section of My Cellulite Solution review, we will be learning what the program is all about and exactly how it is designed to help provide solution to cellulite problems.

In the third section, we will discuss about the pros and cons of My Cellulite Solution Program.

In the last section of this review, we will summarize everything and share our conclusion on this program of anti-cellulite treatment plan.

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my cellulite solution program review

My Cellulite Solution – About The Author

The brain behind My Cellulite Solution is Gavin Walsh. He is nutrition and fitness expert from the UK. Gavin has appeared in Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and many more. He has also spent the last 15 years helping several women to cure their cellulite, improve their body composition and see to their overall health levels.

My Cellulite Solution initially was conceived as a manual that outline some ‘toning’ exercises, but later Gavin put in some effort towards working to expand and this gave birth to the creation of a holistic program. This program includes some exercises that are known and proven to help in reversing cellulite in record time.

My Cellulite Solution is a unique program that consists of the combination of specialized exercises and workout routines, which have been shown to help in making your cellulite disappear without much effort.

The program also comes with scientific evidences on how it works to cure cellulite. Not only does this program work for cellulite alone, you can also use it to help you make your skin smoother and make your skin free of dimple within some weeks.

What is Cellulite?

Simply put, cellulite is the aggregated mass of fat underneath the skin. Firstly, we need to learn more about cellulite. Although, you may see cellulite as just some lumpy aggregation that you see around your butts and thighs but it is really more than that. Cellulite is more of a process that gradually develops through the skin puckering.

The puckering of the skin usually occurs through the layer of fat that are under the skin. They end up pushing against the connective tissue within your arms, thighs and buttocks.

After this, they start to bulge and to display some unpleasant things on the skin which is characterized by cottage cheese or orange-peel appearance. When it comes to curing this kind of issue, one of the things that should be kept in mind is that cellulite cannot be cured by simple regular workouts alone.

Although working out can help you reduce or prevent the appearance of cellulite on your body, you should also understand that cellulite only happens when the connective fibers beneath your skin lose their elasticity or become weak.

my cellulite solution program reviewOverview Of My Cellulite Solution Program

It is still tolerable while the fat is normal but when it starts converting into cellulite it changes the whole perspective of having a normal body with natural skin. Cellulite although develop as a lumpy aggregation in the different part of the body especially in the things or buttocks but slowly starts puckering the skin making it look yellow with the appearance of orange peel.

Although, the development of cellulite is mostly seen on the butts and thighs, it can later spread to the arms and legs if the problem persists. Cellulite can occur in both men and women and it’s not a pleasant sight to behold.

Cellulite problem is generally seen in old aged people but even the younger ones can experience it.

Even if you are a man or woman, having cellulite isn’t what anyone could want. Not only do they make you look sluggish, they also make your skin look rough, patchy and eventually develop peel-like structure. Once this cellulite starts to get out of hand, it becomes difficult to control.

It becomes really annoying seeing your once blemish-free and healthy skin becoming like this which can be compared to a cottage cheese.

However, it is still true that you can burn off excess fats from the cellulite by regularly performing stretching exercises.

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What Exactly Is My Cellulite Solution Program?

“My Cellulite Solution” is a 3-step program for women that are designed to help you reduce or get rid of the appearance of cellulite on your butts, thighs, hips, legs, arms or other areas on your body by making use of specific movements and tempo training. My Cellulite Solution aims to help you target the root cause of this condition and its designed to deliver results in as fast as 28 days.

You will have access to the 3D movements, tempo training, and movement sequencing. The program also comes with a list of foods to eat and avoid. You will have access to dietary supplements to lower cortisol hormone, reduce intestinal inflammation and reduce fat storage. Another benefit of this program is the exercise library with photos and videos to guide you all through your workout.

Gavin Walsh explains why a lot of creams, pills, homemade remedies, and surgery designed for the purpose of getting rid of cellulite don’t help. He also shed more light on some common myths about cellulite. Some of them are that:

It’s the connective fibers between your skin and muscles that are causing the dimpling of the skin and not fat cells like so many people believe.

No research has proven the effectiveness of lotions and creams that are designed to cellulite.

You can’t remove cellulite from your body by removing impurities and toxins.

Fascia blasting, which works by getting rid of the knots in the connective fibers can only reduce cellulite, but cannot offer permanent improvements.

Details Of My Cellulite Solution System

In the “My Cellulite Solution” system, Gavin shares his Cellulite Elimination Technique. This technique makes use of 3 specific routines. These routines are designed to force your fat cells and muscle fibres to expand and then push towards your skin. This gives you a dimple-free skin in a short period of time.

In a nutshell, here is an explanation of each routine:

Routine #1: Designed to activate your inactive muscle fibers and reduce skin dimpling fast, without doing tedious and boring workouts.

Routine #2: The 3D movements will tone up certain areas of your body (butt, thighs, and hips), and gets rid of orange peel thighs.

Routine #3: Body movement techniques that will tone your buttocks and help you achieve gorgeous legs.

The First Phase:

Slow Burn: It is dedicated to eradicating the cellulite in a slow way, with the following effects: effectiveness of the first phase can be divided into three parts:

The Second Phase

Velocity: Here, the long-lost fibers get energized and help make the cottage cheese appearance disappears completely.

Ascend: The last and the most influential phase of the program in which the cellulite in the body can be completely erased and you can attain the desired body you have always wanted.

All in all, My Cellulite Solution program consist of comprehensive routine designed to help you shape up your body in a very beautiful and convenient manner that will appeal to even you.

What Are People Saying About My Cellulite Solution?

So far, there are positive reviews about My Cellulite Solution program. According to many women, the system works well for them and has been able to provide expected results within a short period of time.

One of the satisfied customers of Gavin Walsh, Samantha Ronson mentioned that after so many years of embarrassment and frustration, she was glad that she has finally found the right thing for herself. She also mentioned that My Cellulite Solution program has helped her to smoothen her cellulite patches and now she has more confidence.

Another client of Gavin said that the program has helped her to improve her appearance within a short period of just 28 days. According to her, she has noticed dramatic changes in the appearance of her butt, hips and thighs and she also couldn;t be happier.

In her testimony, while thanking Gavin, Nigella L mentioned that she look and feel great with new confidence of to take on the world.

How Do I Get My Cellulite Solution?

The easiest way for you to purchase My Cellulite Solution is by placing an order for the program online, which is from Gavin’s official site. The program is made available in form of downloadable pfd format.

You can have immediate access to the program immediately upon payment. My Cellulite Solution is offered at a one-time cost of $15. You can pay through Visa, Maestro and PayPal.

The Pros and Cons 

The Pros 

Gavin Walsh has good credibility

From the info we have gathered from scouring the internet about Gavin, he appears to be legit. You can easily search for him online to learn more about him. He has good social media presence and he’s quite active. You can also visit his personal website, or check him out on Facebook.

Easy to Implement

“My Cellulite Solution” has a good and very clear written instruction. Not only that, the program also comes with a video guide, which demonstrates and advises users on how to do each exercise correctly.

Multifaceted Treatment Approach

The My Cellulite Solution system is has all the information you need cellulite and how to effectively get rid of it.

You Can Do the Exercises at Home

You only need to use your body to execute most of these exercises. In this way, you’re going to save money because you’re not going to spend on a fancy exercise equipment or gym membership. What’s more, you can do them in the comforts of your home.

Gavin Offers a Money-Back Guarantee

My Cellulite Solution program is risk-free. You can ask for a refund of your investment if the program fails tp meet your expectations. 

The Cons

Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

Cellulite is known for it’s notorious when it comes to treatment. If yours is not severe or just mild, you can expect fast result but that might not be the case if it is severe since you might not see result in 28 days as promised by Gavin.

Patience and Dedication

This program might not work for you if you are the type that easily ditch a program if you get bored of it seems difficult for you. You have to be willing to commit to this program if you are going to get it.

Digital Format

There is no hardcopy for this product. My Cellulite Solution program is only available in digital format only, which you can immediately download it once your payment is approved.

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Our Conclusions

We believe My Cellulite Solution program is worth checking out. The author has good credential in the fitness industry and we have checked out the customer service team via email to see if they are active, which they are.

You don’t need any equipment to do the exercises in this program and all the workouts are what you can do from the comfort of your home.

Will it work for you? It depends on a lot of factors but don’t forget to keep your expectations real and you have to stick to the program for at least a month for you to decide if you are wasting your time or not.

There is 100% money back guarantee too, which means that you have nothing to lose. If you want an all-natural cellulite treatment plan and tired the disappointments from different lotions and creams, then Gavin Walsh’s My Cellulite Solution system might be a great option to check out.

Well, that’s it on My Cellulite Solution system review. We sincerely hope it’s useful. If you already checked out this program or tried it, we’d love to hear your feedback!

All the best

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