Will The Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula Work For You?

Welcome to Adam Armstrong’s Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula review, a herbal product that is designed to boost your testosterone levels and sexual performance?

What is the rock hard formula all about?

Having a healthy testosterone level is one of the ways you can get that off-the-chart confidence as a man; enjoying great energy levels, avoiding erection problems or embarrassing sexual performances and enjoying increased lean muscle among many other testosterone benefits.

In a recent survey, 40,000 guys were asked if they are happy with their sexual performances; 3% answered yes, 33% said ‘fairly happy’ while 74% of the men admitted they needed help. So, if you do not fall under the first two categories, then you are not alone.

Among several ways to boost your testosterone levels; herbs have been known to be very effective. While on the topic of herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction, Adam Armstrong actually claimed to have discovered a 2000-year old ‘Alpha Male Secret’ that helped him produce high testosterone levels and enjoy an outstanding sexual performance, safely and naturally.

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Man Tea: Rock hard formula product review

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula Review Content

The produce is created designed to help men end their struggles with embarrassing, frustrating and humiliating sexual performance, won’t it be awesome if it actually works?

This is the exact reason why our review team has come up with the Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula review. On this review, you will get answers to most of the questions that some of our readers have been eagerly waiting to get answers to, which are:

What Exactly Is The Rock Hard Formula?

The Rock Hard Formula is an organic powered herbal product created to help men boost their testosterone levels for them to enjoy all the benefits of health testosterone levels, get rid of embarrassing erectile dysfunction and enjoy outstanding sexual performance.

Is The Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula For You?

The program is for you if your sexual appetite, testosterone levels and sexual performances aren’t as good as you would like it to be. If you want to feel like an alpha male and be 100% happy with your sexual performance, this program is for you because these are the exact reasons why Adam created it.

If you also want to confidently perform in the bedroom, give your woman multiple orgasms during sex, and blow huge loads, the program is also meant for you as well.

How Did Adam Armstrong Come About The Alpha Male Secrets In Rock Hard Formula?

According to Adam Armstrong’s story, he spend years managing his unsatisfactory sexual life until he met Elwin Robinson, who is a Master Herbalist and made Adam to start taking some Ancient Eastern superherbs in strictly specific quantities.

Adam claims this is the miracle that turned him into an Alpha Male and someone with many happy girlfriends, who became hopelessly addicted to him and begged him for sex day and night.

He decided to let other guys try it after consulting with Elwin Robinson and they both spend some months of effort, time and research on how to create the best sexual performance enhancement formula. This is how the Rock Hard Formula program came to be.

How Does The Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula Work?

According to Adam Armstrong, if you want to perform like a real man in bed, you are required to have high sexual energy levels, also known as ‘Animal Magnetism’ and ‘Mojo’, which will also help you have a natural advantage in all area of life.

The scientific term is ‘An Optimal Balance of Youthful Hormones and Neurotransmitters.’ The Rock Hard Formula uses a weird little-know, yet ultra powerful 30-second-a-day trick that involves preparing some superherbs.

Adam says if you take this powerful formula once in a day, you will be able to enjoy optimal testosterone levels and great sexual power and performance. There are more than 9 herbs in the Rock Hard Formula program, which are in power form and 3 ways you can take it, which is pretty simple:

The Benefits of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula

According to Adam Armstrong, he has helped more than 40,000 guys to boost their testosterone to a healthy level and improved their sexual performances to a whole new level. With the herbs in this program, Adam promises:

Pros Of The Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula

  1. Quick and Easy – The instructions about taking these herbs are simple, quick, easy and pretty much impossible to get it wrong.

      2. Time Efficient – According to Adam, the Rock Hard Formula takes just 30 Seconds Of your day. Maybe that’s   a little exaggerated, but the most should be 5 minutes, which is definitely works it if it works for you. You still don’t have much time to lose.

      3. Fast Result – According to Adam, most men that have used his program notice a ton improvement within 2-5 days.

     4. Excellent customer support – You can order from phone or email through support@thenewalpha.com, or to ask any questions, call them on: 01933 221 738 (UK Number), or +1 (917) 675 3051 (US and International Orders)

     5. There is 60 days money back guarantee – You can try this program for 60 days and if it doesn’t work, you will get your money back.

Cons Of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula

  1. Results May Vary – Depending on your body type, you might get early result or after a week. Although the author of this program says 2-5 days, you shouldn’t be alarmed if takes more days for you to get your desired result.

      2. How Long Do You Have To Use It? – It doesn’t state how long you will need to be on this formula or if you       have to continue depending on it like you would on drugs. 1 Packet is 150grams and contains 30 servings, which will only last you for a month. It’s made available in different options of one month delivery, 3 months delivery and 6 month supply.

      3. Lifestyle Changes – Looking at the above causes of low sexual energy in men that are highlighted above, you will still need to make some lifestyle changes.

      4. Let Your Doctor Be Aware – You have to be careful when it comes to taking herbs. It is not all herbs that are safe, so consult with your doctor first.

What Makes Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula Different?

Compared to other sexual power enhancing and testosterone boosting supplements, Rock Hard Formula:

Man Tea for erection problems, does it work?

You Should Only Opt Purchase Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula If You Want MORE

Adam Armstrong himself mentioned and explains the reasons the reserves of sexual energy in men are low, which include eating of junk foods, drinking excess alcohol, too much stress, taking stimulants, inadequate sleep, de-hydration and taking some certain drugs among others.

Making healthy lifestyle changes can actually help if you are patient enough to wait. You could combine it with other natural ways to boost your testosterone levels.

Adam Armstrong says that he used to be about 40lbs overweight and was neither terrible nor a stud in bed but the above making some lifestyle changes helped him do better in bed but he just wanted MORE.

So, if you also want more, then you can check out the Rock Hard Formula program because Adam promises to help you achieve your goals in double-quick time.

Our Verdict – Will The Rock Hard Formula Work For You?

Adam listed the herbs in the product which are He Shou Wu, Nettle Root, Salvia Root, Goji Berry, Cistanche, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Eucommia Bark and Morinda Root. We have researched these herbs and discovered that each of them are known to work for two or more of the following;

Most of these herbs are already in use as testosterone supplements and ED treatment products in the market. They also have scientific research studies to back them up. Y

You can learn more about these herbs yourself using Google, just to be sure of what you are getting yourself into, should you decide to check out the Rock Hard Formula product.

If you order now, it should arrive 3-5 working days if you are in Canada or USA, 7-14 days for people in the UK and Mainland Europe and 7-21 days for an international order.

Well, that’s it on the Rock Hard Formula product review. We hope it’s worth your time.

We wish you an outstanding sexual performance.

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