The Top 5 Herbs for Permanent Weight Loss

herbs for permanent weight lossI believe I don’t really have to start telling you the fact that the struggle against body fat is real. I also believe that by now, the fact that you need to put countless factors into consideration when seeking to lose weight in order to decide the best approach to getting results is a common knowledge.

Your states of health, activity level, glandular dysfunction and so on are important factors that point to your ability to lose weight safely and effectively.

Having said that, here is the good news. Herbs are powerful little guys that are very efficient at multi-tasking. They work on many levels such as healing, boosting your metabolism, adding flavor to your foods and giving you energy.


herbs for permanent weight lossOne thing you however need to keep in mind as you are seeking to lose weight, which is also the truth of the matter, is that your metabolic rate drops as you age. That’s not all, your ability to burn fat and build muscle also drops along.

Genuine and lasting weight loss is a whole lifestyle change. This has to involve your mindset, habits and attitude. So, what has herbs got to do with this?

They can help but they won’t do it for you. However, if you have much weight like 30 pounds to lose, you should talk to your doctor first.

Losing Weight

For anyone seeking to lose weight, we all already know that the only way to achieve this with a lasting success and healthy progress is by increasing the levels of your activities and changing how you eat.

But you can assist your weight loss journey with some number of herbs. They are meant to help you by stiffling cravings and speeding up your metabolism to burn more fat.

They will accelerate the natural ability of your body to get rid of fat effectively and safely, which will also reduce your frequency at the best fitness centres.

I am not saying it’s going to be necessarily easy or fast, but it can be a revolutionary, challenging and exciting journey by your body, mind and spirit.

  1. Garcinia

herbs for permanent weight lossGarcinia is a berry with a good reputation of preventing the body from producing and storing fat and as an appetite suppressant. This herb is the source. Garcinia is not a stimulant.

According to research, garcinia prevents the body from converting carbohydrates into body fat by blocking the enzyme responsible for the activity.

Scientists suggest you add garcinia to your regular diet in order to lose weight because the HCA supplement responsible for this only work that way.

Clinical studies revealed that the HCA in garcinia is safe for the heart.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an incredible herb that adds a sweet flavour to foods. It slows down the absorption of food so that you feel full longer, which helps to regulate and stabilize blood sugar.

Cinnamon helps to move faherbs for permanent weight losst from the liver for your body to use as energy, which helps to reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Cinnamon may not increase your metabolism or release stored fat but it normalizes the digestion and burning of fat. This is a huge plus to your weight loss efforts.

Cinnamon is also an anti-fungal and kills off yeast overgrowth and parasites. This is very important to permanent weight loss since parasites cause the desire to overeat and intense sugar cravings in their hosts because they need sugar to reproduce.

Nursing mothers and pregnant women should avoid regular use because of allergic. Other herbs that do this are cayenne, black pepper and mustard.

  1. Siberian Ginseng

herbs for permanent weight lossExercise is very important for a lasting weight loss. I will recommend the type that combines strength training, flexibility and cardio work such as yoga and walking.

This is why you need the support of adaptogen herb to help your body adapt to the stress of both mental and physical change. You can’t expect ginseng to re-sculpt your body overnight.

However, you will have more access to stored energy; enjoy reduced fatigue and the ability to stick to a new routine.

Getting These Herbs

Keep in mind that exercise and proper diet is the real key to weight loss. But you can supplement a healthy lifestyle with herbs. Some of the herbs are common enough to be found at your local grocery store. For other herbs, a trusted online retailer or specialty food shop will help.


Just so you know, results with the herbs may vary, according to Josh Houghton, the author of Flat Belly Detox guide. The information on these herbs towards weight loss is not meant to replace your doctor’s advice because they are not meant to be a substitute for medical service.

For people with chronic health concern or medical condition, be sure to consult with your health care provider first.

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