The 10 Best Fitness Centers In Tucson; Arizona

  1. Wildcat CrossFit


Wildcat Crossfit is a center for those aspiring to become a great athlete and at the same time keep the body totally fit. It is located at 300 S Park Ave Tucson, Arizona 85719. Noah Providence & Jen Wirth who are co-owners and coaches of the wildcat crossfit center in Tucson, Arizona.

Talking of the owners of the Wildcat CrossFit training center, Noah has been into health &fitness education for the past 2 decades. He is also a certified personal crossfit trainer, belongs to the American council of workouts, and also field of respiratory therapy. He knows so much about human anatomy, kinetics & biomechanics. On the other hand Jen who is also a colleague to Noah, she has been a level 1 crossfit trainer and at the same time run personal trainings. Other team coaches are also certified in one fitness aspect of the other, aspect that could turn your fitness goal on.

Joining the Wildcat Crossfit gym as a new member requires that you get started with the foundational class at first. This class centers on various styles of fitness movements. This class holds every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 Pm. The cost for one person for this class category is $140 and $100 each for 1+1 friends. At wildcat CrossFit fitness center it a bonus for all as they offer Free Sunday class sessions. You shouldn’t be surprised that every program structure at the Wildcat Crossfit gym center on goal focused cycle, strength gains, powerlifting, Olympic fitness and more. You should miss out on any of these.

Reviews on yelp revealed some more facts about the wildcat crossfit fitness center. Noelle Marie confirms that for the past 2 years the gym has been her favorite, she also revealed that the coaches are very attentive. The gym has got fantastic staffs and the building in which the gym resides is quite accommodating. This is a comment from Kyle B. Steph L loves the sectioning of the gym. However S W, a resident of Tucson, AZ is not really filling the group of equipment at the center.

For more information you can reach the help desk of the wildcat crossfit fitness center by calling on (520) 309-5293 or visit their official website on

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