The 10 Best Fitness Centres In Atlanta, GA

  1. Body Design Personal Training

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Body Design Personal Training is a gym located at 551 10th Street, NW Atlanta, GA 30318.  The gym was established in 1999.  Body design personal training centre is owned by Paul Feldman.

Paul Feldman, president and owner of the Body Design.  He is a proficient and skilled personal trainer with more than 23 years of experiences.  He has worked with over six gyms, more than 200 clients and 15 trainers at any given time.  Feldman is enthusiastic to helping his clients personally, towards achieving their desired result.  The body design personal fitness centre specializes in helping clients not only look stronger, but also feel younger and healthier and through enhanced exercises and improved nutrition.  The gym is opened 24/7 to all age groups but specially designed for clients from 40 and above.


Drew S. from Brooklyn, NY was someone that had personal training classes with Body Design; he mentioned that the workout at Body design was amazing. He mentioned that the coaches are amazing trainers and most importantly, the cardio blasts.  He also commended the positive attitudes of the trainers and of the owner himself.

Nikki T., from Atlanta, GA recommends Body Design Fitness Centre for anyone that is looking for a team of fitness experts to help him/her achieve fitness goals.

Personal Training Center Atlanta

Kristen F. from Roswell, GA claims that her experience with Body Design personal training has changed and transformed her life.  She affirms that she lost 2% body fat and 2.2 lbs of fat in her first month and also gained 4 lbs muscle, as part of her experienced and testimony about Body Design.

You can contact Body Design one (404) 661-4331 or visit their business website at to know more.


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