The 10 Best Fitness Centres in Columbus

1) RPAC – Recreation & Physical Activity Center


One of the highly rated fitness centre in Columbus, Ohio, the RPAC – Recreation & Physical Activity Center is located at 337 W 17th Ave Columbus, OH 43210 University District, and established in 1913.

Supporting people of all ages (Infants, Children, youth and students and adults) and fitness level, the RPAC – Recreation & Physical Activity Center. They are well known for providing opportunities for personal development, celebrating proud heritage and delivering extraordinary services. The major aim of the fitness centre is to engage the university community in physical and wellness activities by offering challenging recreational programs for all. Besides being a university Recreational centre, the RPAC – Recreation & Physical Activity Center offers services to families, friends, alumni and neighbors of the university community.

The program offered at the university includes swim lessons, scuba classes, school year camp program, lifeguarding, football saturdays etc. They also have a facility that caters for people with disabilities (the Adapted Recreational Sports (ARS) program). The five Rec Sports facilities is located over 90 acres of land with state-of-the-art facilities. They also offer group fitness classes, personal training sections etc.

Morgan B. from Columbus, OH affirms the fact that the RPAC is one of the great gym in Columbus, Ohio. He expresses deep satisfaction with their sections especially the personal fitness classes. Jared W. from Concord, NC also affirms to the availability of the state of the art equipment at the fitness centre. He also expressed deep affection for the sort of fitness classes offered

Phone number (614) 292-7671

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