The 10 Best Fitness Centres In North Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Planet Fitness – Las Vegas – Craig Road

planet fitness
The Planet Fitness – Las Vegas – Craig Road is one of the top fitness centers in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It is located at 1324 W Craig Rd North Las Vegas, NV 89032, with specialization in Gyms and training activities.

The Planet Fitness – Las Vegas prides themselves in being a judgment-free abode where people can come from anywhere and go about their workout activities. They welcome people of all age, tribe and fitness level into the gym with fantastic programs tailored to suit each individual’s fitness level. They offer countless training programs for members thus irrespective of the fitness level, member can sure find a program that fits them. The encouragement and motivations with which they keep their clients going also facilitates the efficiency of their program.

The Planet Fitness – Las Vegas, as one of the top gym in North Las Vegas is a gym where no one feels intimidated by lunky behaviors. Members are assured of a comfortable feeling that surrounds the gym as well as the presence of abundant workout equipment. They offer one of the lowest gym membership prices, as well as a relaxed environment for clients to have their workouts. They offer basically 2 membership types: the $10 or Black Card membership which gives members access to Pizza Mondays and Bagel Tuesdays. They offer group training classes and personal training programs as well. Highly certified fitness instructors are available with years of experience to offer necessary assistance an motivation as you go through your workout.


A couple of users experience gathered by this North Las Vegas fitness club review established some claims made by the club. Akeelah R. from Las Vegas, NV affirmed the fact that it’s a judgment free environment. She also reported that they’ve got a neat environment, abundance of workout machines to pick from. I enjoy all of the benefits that comes with my membership too…reported Akeelah. Brily W. from Ridgewood, NY also confirmed the neatness as well as the friendliness of the staff.

Phone number (702) 854-9500

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