The 10 Best Gyms In Virginia Beach, Virginia

  1. Onelife Fitness – Norfolk Gym


The Onelife Fitness – Norfolk Gym is one of the best fitness centre in Virginia Beach, Virginia with specialization on Gyms, Trainers and Yoga services. It is located at 1900 Monticello Ave Norfolk, VA 23517.

The Onelife Fitness – Norfolk Gym was established in a bid to help people live a healthy, happy and more productive life. With the increasing case of obesity that causes further health complications, the need for a fitness centre that will help folks improve their overall health arose. Thus Onelife fitness centre is committed to helping all and sundry, especially the less fortunate in the community live a healthy lifestyle.

They sponsor and promote local activities like charitable walks and runs, bicycle races, blood drives, wellness seminars and more. They offer a wide range of group exercise and mind-body programs thus delivering ultimate fitness to all and sundry. They have programs tthat are tailored to every member’s fitness level to ensure maximum benefit from the club.

They offer various classes as well and a Onelife Fitness membership gives member access to any and all of their Virginia Gym. The following are the programs offered

Members are also assured of the presence of modern facilities that will support and guide them towards achieving their respective fitness goal. The boast of being a world class gym with facilities like:

This Virginia Beach fitness club review had a couple of clients feedback about the gym. Elizabeth E. from Norfolk, VA affirmed that it is the best gym in Virginia Beach. He expressed satisfaction with the presence of necessary facilities and equipments. Archie W. from Norfolk, VA expressed deep satisfaction with all the time spent at the gym. He reported positive changes in himself since getting to work with a personal trainer. He further recommended the gym for any serious member.

Phone number (757) 248-4800

Business website:

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