8 ways to lose belly Fat fast in 2 weeks

Dieting is no fun and it’s the thought of facing it one after another is dreadful, especially since you don’t seems to be getting any result from it. Some people have come to believe they are just destined to be overweight since they are only manage to lose about 5 pounds with diet, which all comes back by springtime. You can spend less time at your best fitness centre and still achieve your weight loss goal in the shortest time possible.

  1. Go For A Walk Before Morning Meal

lose belly fat fastThis is an early morning ritual that works on 2 different levels. First, it was recently discovered that exposure to sunlight in the early morning reduced the risk of being overweight regardless of age, calorie intake and activity level.

It was speculated by researchers that the early morning sun light can help you undercut fat genes and synchronize your metabolism. You will be exercising in a fasted state when you burn calorie before eating since the energy burn comes directly from the stored body fat and not from the food you eat. This is also a proven way to improve your heart health.

  1. You need the perfect breakfast.

According to , the author of Lean Belly Breakthrough, you need breakfast with the recipe that can be satisfying for your sweet tooth.

His book the Lean Belly breakthrough has hundreds of nutritious and delicious breakfast secrets that will have you feeling and looking great in no time, along with several mouth-watering recipes that can be prepared in minutes.

All thanks to some of the most influential nutritionists, each of the recipes has belly filling fibers, fat-burning proteins and healthy fats that will help you burn calories all day and boost your metabolism.

  1. Avocados

Learn to eat real, fresh foods that are free of chemicals. You will hardly go hungry and you will also enjoy better sleep, healthy nails and glowing skin.

This is also a great way to look younger. All these are actually found in one of the testimonies that come with some of the users of Lean Belly Breakthrough. Avocados serve as a double-whammy to belly fat. They are loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats that help to reduce cravings.

According to a study reported in Nutrition Journal discovered that those who participates and ate avocado with their lunch mentioned that they had a 40% reduced appetite for several hours. Avocados has unsaturated fats and they can help to prevent fat storage in the belly.

  1. Eggs

lose belly fat fastYou enjoy lean, satiating protein with every bite you take on egg. When it comes to losing unwanted body fat, muscle-building macronutrient is very fundamental.

Eggs are one of the most versatile and easiest delivery systems on these nutrients in the universe. Apart from that, eggs are number-one dietary source of choline, which is found in collard greens, seafood and lean meats.

Choline combats with the gene mechanism that causes the body to store visceral fat. You can adopt one of Lean Belly Breakthrough recipe of fresh farm eggs and sweet potatoes.

  1. Smoothie

Smoothies have vegan protein that gives the same muscle-building, hunger-squelching and fat-burning of whey and you wouldn’t have to worry about bloating.

Good smoothies like the ones that are recommended in the Lean Belly Breakthrough guide are awesome alternatives to bowls of ice-cream, especially for a sweet craver.

A great smoothie has a special mix of super nutrients. The will help you flatten your gut, heal your digestive system, boost your metabolism, and switch off fat genes for good.

  1. Go for red fruits

Red fruits are the best when it comes to losing weight. So, choose red fruits over the green ones. Go for red grapes over the green ones. Choose watermelon instead of honeydew and Pink Lady over Granny Smith.

Red fruits have high levels of flavonoids nutrients, particularly anthocyanins, which are compounds that give red colour to red fruits. These compounds help to calm action of the fat-storage genes.

Studies have shown that red-bellied stone fruits such as plums can enhance phenolic compounds, which effectively modulate the activities of fat genes.

  1. Water Detox

lose belly fat fastStart your day with “spa water”. You can either add sliced grapefruits, sliced orange or whole lemons. Also, make sure you sip about 7 glasses of this mix before you go to bed at night.

Generally, citrus fruits are well loaded with antioxidant delimonene, which is a powerful compound. It is found in the peel of these fruits and they stimulate the enzymes of the liver in order to help you flush toxins from your body. Also, this compound will also give a kick to your sluggish bowel.

  1. Mixed Trail

The 3 major ingredients of a perfect diet meal are healthy fats, fiber and protein, which all can be found abundantly in a good trail mix. The unfortunate thing is that most of the commercial mixes are made with sugar, salt and some extra oils.

You can make a high-protein snacks by selecting some dark chocolate pieces, seeds, unsweetened dried fruits and nuts. Be sure to add peanuts since they are great source of resveratrol and genistein.

These are nutrients that help to combat the action of genes that store fat.

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