10 Best Gyms In Toledo, Ohio

Among the many reasons that might make you switch gyms or join a fitness center, such as improving some aspect of your appearance; losing weight, getting “ripped” or having a bikini body, you also want to socialize, scam dates and have fun. For any of the reasons above, you need a fitness center that gets you going; not bored or frustrated. If you are new in town or looking to changes your gym, we have come up with the best gyms in Toledo; Ohio, developed through results of personal interviews, testimonials from Yelp, and other technical review systems.

These are the 10 top-rated fitness centers in Toledo, Ohio.

1. Promedica Wildwood Athletic Club


One of the best fitness centers in Toledo is the Wildwood Athletic Club located at 2865N Reynolds Rd Ste 100, Toledo, OH 43615 with specialization in Gym and Massage. According to reports, the atmosphere here is warm, motivating and welcoming and you’ll get a package of refund before becoming a client. For further information call +1 419-539-0235 or visit www.wildwoodathleticclub.com

2. Toledo Crossfit

This is located at 757 Warehouse Rd Toledo, OH 43615 with specialization in Gym.

This fitness center was established by the late Joe Lengel with a heritage of love that focuses on psychological wellbeing and physical fitness.

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Users reported that there is a strong spirit of togetherness which make members feel at home and a part of the family. Toldeo Crossfit website; toldeocf.com and contact (419) 989-0095.

3. Planet Fitness

planet fitness

The Planet Fitness center is located at 2630W Laskey Rd Toledo, OH 43613. At this gym, you won’t have to wait for a machine at any time you choose to visit.

Jake M., another client, who autistic and a victim of consistent bullying reported feeling safe and dependent here. Reach Planet Fitness center on (419) 472-0020 or visit www.planetfitness.com/gym for more info.

4. Crossfit Lifesport

Crossfit Lifesport was established in 2008 by Todd O. They are especially known for their Paleo classes. If you are a fan of Paleo foods, this might be the gym for you. Their clients appreciate them for their fun and challenging training. Reach CrossFit Lifesport center on (419) 450- 9056 or visit www.crossfitlifesport.com

5. Glass City Crossfit

Glass City Crossfit - Best fitness centres in Toledo

Glass City Crossfit is located at 3063 W Alexis Rd Toledo, OH 43613. It was established as a local family business in 2013.

The gym is reported to have lots of equipment maintained in good conditions and clean environment. You can reach Glass City Crossfit or (419) 851- 0070 or visit www.glasscitycrossfit.com

6. Fitness 19

Fitness-19-Logo -best gyms in Toledo,0hio

Fitness 19 is located at 2588 W Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 43613 with specialization in Gym. Fitness 19 was established in 2003 by fitness industry veterans to bridge the limitations of a traditional health club model. Skip K, a client at Fitness 19 in his review seems very pleased with the gym. Visit www.fitness19.com for more info or call (419) 472- 1319.

7. LBs. Circuit Training

LB’S Circuit Training is located at 2934 Douglas Rd Toledo, OH 43606 with specialization in training. Members in their review on yelp reported that the LB’S Circuit Training center is accommodative for children, youth and older adults.

Lb’s Circuit Training - Best gyms in Toledo

Reach LB’S Circuit Training center on (419) 279- 5921 or visit www.lbscircuittraning.com

8. Fitness 4 All

logofitness4all - Best gyms in Toledo, Ohio

Fitness 4 is located at 3350 N Holland-Sylvania Rd Toledo, OH 43615 and established by co-founders Keith and Michelle Zoeller in 2008. Fitness 4 all also has the testimony of delivering results in record time and has consistently improved in all areas. 

Some of the positive reviews about getting back in shape were from moms with three kids and dads with pot bellies. Reach Fitness 4 all on  (419) 724- 4140 or visit at www.fitness4alltoledo.com

9. Planet Fitness –Toledo-Glendale

planet fitness - best fitness centres in Teledo, Ohio

Planet fitness- Toledo-Glendale is located at 3426 Glendale Ave Toledo, OH 43614 with specialization in Gym. The gym is popularly known to be a zero-judgment zone where they welcome people with open arms of love and encouragement to work out towards your desired shape. You may like the free Wi-Fi here. For further information, visit www.planet fitness/Toledo.

10. 21st Century Super Fitness Center

21st Century Super Fitness Center -best fitness centres in Toledo, Ohio

21st Century Super Fitness Center is located at 33 New Town Square Toledo, OH 43612 with a big space that can accommodate a great number of people. If you enjoy a hot tub and swimming, you will like it here.

Reach 21st Century Super Fitness Center on (419) 476- 9360 for additional information or CLICK HERE.

That’s it on the best gyms in Toledo; Ohio. Share your experience with us, should you choose to check out any of the gyms above or you can just let us know if your favorite gym makes the cut by dropping a comment.

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