8 Weeks Body Challenge Program Review- Does Mark Macdonald’s System Work?

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Are you one of those thousands of people out there that have become frustrated because all your efforts on diets and endless exercises have not given you your ideal body shape? Are you sick of working out in vain? Spending all day in the gym, day after day, with little or no result could be frustrating, really. So, have you resigned to living with excess fats and stubborn weights in your body for the rest of your life? After trying all the so called healthy diets and gotten disappointed, have you concluded that you are probably destined to fail?

Maybe people often tell you to be happy with the way you are, but somehow, you cannot get rid of the feeling of wanting to look great. You do not have to continue getting stomped by magical diet pills and weight loss programs that are full of disappointments. There are too much conflicting information and write up everywhere on weight loss and diets that you get confused and frustrated trying to get the right one.

The hope of Mark Macdonald is to let you know that there are thousands of people like you that have gone through the same struggle with disappointments. He is also seeking out to show and prove to you and thousands of people like you out there that are struggling with weight loss. It is true that some are probably thinking of given up. the reason to this is pretty obvious. Mark is letting you know that there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. This brings us to this program which he called the 8 Weeks Body Challenge. This is a program that Mark Macdonald has specifically designed, just for you.  But does it really work? Is it legit or just one of the other weight loss guides that are scam and seek to victimize desperate people? Will it work for you too? I will really like to help you answer all these questions and more on this page and also help you make an informed decision on whether this guide is the right one for you or not.

8 weeks body challenge program

Who Is Mark Macdonald?

Mark Macdonald is the brain behind the 8 Weeks Body Challenge program. Mark is a nutritionist, Coach, speaker, health and fitness expert, television star and a global instructor. He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling book Body Confidence. Mark is the founder of IBNFC (International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching) and Venice Nutrition. Mark had authored many other fitness programs. He also has several partnerships with fitness organizations which includes the International Speakers Bureau, American Diabetes Association and the IDEA. According to Mark Macdonald, his 8 Week Body Challenge program is the possibility for you to have a total transformation in your health and as a result of this, be able to change your life and inspire other people to do the same for themselves as well. Mark is also confident that he can provide you with the answers you have being looking for along with that high quality of life that you have always dreamt of and desire, which you truly deserve.

8 weeks body challenge program

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What Is The 8 Weeks Body Challenge Program?

The 8 Week Body Challenge program is an absolute fitness and health program that is created by an expert in the fitness industry to help people do away with the yo-yo dieting craziness and achieve a sustainable and permanent results once and for all. This is to be achieved by igniting the body metabolism and make it release fat naturally. The  program is a super easy-to-follow guide that has the core of 3 stage process that is designed to help you burn excess body fat, lose weight, reprogram your metabolism permanently and increase your energy as well. The program is virtual an on/off button that turns your body from storing fat to burning it.

Mark reveals how you can burn fat and build lean muscle in the process without you having to diet or restrict yourself for anything. This program is designed in such a way that you will see results faster in just 8 weeks-lean legs, flat abs and a firm butt. All workouts take only 20 minutes in just 2 or 3 times per week. In this guide, Mark Macdonald also teaches you what you must eat, how much you need to eat and how often you should eat it so that your body will be forced to switch from storing unwanted fats to burning them instead.

The principles of this guide is really simple and powerfully remarkable. This program is designed to ignite your metabolism and work with your body to build lean muscle and also burn fat-all without dieting. The 8 Weeks Body Challenge system will also teach you how you can effectively switch your body from storing unwanted body fat to being to a fat burning machine all day long, which will make you all those excess fat rapidly melt away.

Mark’s program is created to strategically assist your body to achieve a fast and lasting result that you and feel and see. The program reveals the secret that you can implement in order to get your body to release fats on its own in a natural way. Mark claims to have unlocked the secret to “achieving a sustainable weight loss”. The guide allows you to eat your favourite meals. In fact, this program does the magic when you eat more and not less, so you do not have to starve yourself or engage in any harsh diet.

8 weeks body challenge programBonuses

Signing up for the 8 Weeks Body Challenge program, you will get access to the following Mark’s bonus guides.

8 Weeks Body Challenge guide book– This particular guide includes proven series of fitness strategies and diets that are targeted at boosting your energy levels, getting rid of your cravings for sugar, helping you burn excess weight gain and increasing your muscle mass so that you can feel and look better. This is the same program that Mark has used to help thousands of people to burn fat, lose weight and achieve their desired body shape.

The 8 week body challenge 136 page guidebook

The 8 week body challenge 11-dvd video course

8 weeks body challenge programThe 8 Week Body Challenge consists of a core 3 stage process that is designed to help deliver to you fast results and lead you to a sustainable weight loss.

Phase 1 (Detox): The first phase is all about losing your bloat.

The 8 Week Body Challenge begins by cutting all the foods that cause bloating. It consists of 7 days detox plan. The purpose of this detox is a visual weight loss in your body. It is in this process that your digestive system will be cleansed; this includes your colon, kidneys and liver. This first phase is closed by flushing excess toxins from your body. This detox phase is created with the goal of helping you get rid of 7-10 pounds and help you wake your belief and confidence that you can actually achieve that body shape that you have, for a long time now, being dreaming about.

Phase 2 (Ignite): The Ignite Phase is aimed at keeping the pounds dropping and also melts your belly fat rapidly. You will also discover how you can eat your favourite foods and cause your body to burn fats in the process. Secondly, this phase involves simple calorie-burning exercises that are targeted at sculpting your body. You will also learn how to restore the healthy bacteria that are supposed to be present in your digestive system.

Phase 3 (Thrive): This third phase based on your personal weight loss goals and level of consistency. Thrive phase is targeted at keeping your momentum flowing long enough to reprogram metabolism to lose weight naturally. In your Thrive phase you’ll also discover how to diversify your food. This is the time when you get to add some of your favourite foods back into your meal plan. In this last phase, you will be made to diversify your workout routine with another set of new exercises. By this, your exercising will be filled with fun. This thrive phase is all about living energized. It also involves making your plan a part of your life by living it and being in charge of your health as well.

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Advantages Of This Program

Disadvantages Of The  Program

8 weeks body challenge programConclusion

Mark Macdonald is wildly known for his achievements at helping Hollywood’s greatest stars achieve their desired body shape- Dr OZ and Chelsea Handler inclusive. By the time you start to implement the strategies in this guide, you will now be able to discover that you have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel in your weight loss struggle. Just as Macdonald intended, this will make you come to the realization that this program is not only the road map to health and fitness proper, but also to new and better life that is full of fulfilling and rewarding moments. This guide might be your way to feeling and looking better without any restriction whatsoever. Like I said earlier, you also have to put in some effort at your own end. Also keep in mind, in purchasing this program, you have nothing to lose. You can always get back your money if you are not satisfied with the results.

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