Deep Belly Fat – Why There’s No Quick Fix And What You Can Do Instead

Fat can show up anywhere in the body. It can make it nearly impossible for you to remove your wedding ring and hang over a belt. We are in a thin-conscious time where almost everybody worries about every extra bulge and ripple, regardless of which part of the body it appears.

deep belly fatPeople want to be proud of the image staring at them in front of the mirror and others just hate fat covering their abs, making them less attractive.

However, doctors do not see things this way. When it comes to fat in the body, doctors see things differently. To doctors, there is only one place where excess fat is particularly dangerous, as far as our health is concerned. That’s the fat around the midsection, which is clinically referred to as visceral fat.

Fat in the abdominal area is a strong risk factor for some serious health issues, says Bruce Krahn, Celebrity trainer and the author of the Lean Belly Breakthrough guide. Despite many years of researches, experts are still not sure of the reasons why people with excess belly are susceptible to diseases. What is known is that fat cells help the regulation of metabolic functions.

Many experts also believe the fat cells in the stomach release large amounts of fatty acids. This isn’t to be welcomed, since it is dangerous to someone’s insulin metabolism and blood sugar.

Deep Belly Fat Causes Metabolism Meltdown

There is however, one thing that is certain from many studies. That is the fact that the bodies of people with big midsection area and deep belly fat tend to lose sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is a very crucial hormone that helps your body to burn energy.

When insulin does not have the ability to function properly, the body’s way of responding to that is by releasing more and more of the hormone. This only ends up throwing the system off balance.

Because of this reason, people with big excess belly fat are susceptible to metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome. This particular syndrome is shown to affect more than 50 million Americans and it comes with a lot of frightening complications.

Another thing that is known for sure is that people with insulin resistance usually develop type 2 diabetes. Apart from that, it is also common for them to have a high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, which are ingredients cardiovascular conditions, according to several studies.

You don’t necessarily need to start worrying if you have love handles, since love handles are just composed of the fats beneath the surface of the skin. It’s the deep belly fat that wraps around vital organs deeper in the belly and they seem to be active metabolically.

deep belly fatWhy There Is No quick Fix For Deep Belly Fat

When it comes to being alert health-wise, a bulge in the abdominal area is a wake-up call. You will go a long way to avoid belly-fat related health issues if you can trim down your midsection. This is what you can achieve with a healthy lifestyle.

Not only will you ward off fat from everywhere, the ones in your abdominal area will be significantly reduced as well. Losing weight helps your body to get rid of belly fat.

You just have to know the possible cause of your belly fat. Apart from a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habit, age, heredity, stress and hormones are another cause of excess belly fat. If stress is what’s making your body hold on to belly fat, then you can start by incorporating relaxation techniques.

The unfortunate thing about belly fat is that visiting a cosmetic surgeon’s office will not bring you peace, if you are concerned about your midsection. A study that was carried out by Klein and colleagues and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, revealed the vanity of putting hope in quick fix solution for belly fat.

According to the study, about 30% of fat were removed some women and these particular women didn’t move any closer to preventing heart disease or diabetes. it was also specifically stated that the procedure did improve their insulin response or reduce their blood pressure.

The lead researcher in the study, Klein, mentioned that billions of fat cells were removed, but there was still no change in the size of the remaining. He then concluded that it is possibly the size of the fat cells that impact their health and not the sheer number.

deep belly fatIf you’re finally ready to get rid of excess belly fat, create time to visit your doctor. With his or her health, you two can come up with the best and healthiest strategy for losing weight loss.

A visit to any of the best gyms around you will give you access to a personal trainer that can help you come up with a proper exercise strategy routine. However, a study from the Duke University revealed that only exercise cannot help you trim enough abdominal fat.

Therefore, the most successful weight loss approaches combine a healthy diet that consists of low-calorie and sugar and saturated fat, with regular exercise.

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