The Best 10 Fitness Centres In Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. Dowd YMCA


Dowd YMCA is one of the best fitness centers in Charlotte; North Carolina, it is situated at 400 E Morehead Street charlotte, NC 28202 South End, Dilworth. Dowd YMCA has been in existence since 1874.

Over 300,000 adults and children have been engage by the YMCA fitness center in the community Charlotte. Programs at the Dowd YMCA have nothing to do with age as there are series of programs for every category of persons. They’ve got nineteen locations including two residents camps helping people go about their fitness training and ensuring delivery of long lasting social and personal change. Dowd YMCA focuses on youth development by building the potentials of every teen and child. They also focus on helping people live healthy irrespective of whatever circumstance. And lastly support and provide needs to the community.

A rigid principle of the YMCA has been putting principles meant for the Christians into practice building a total healthy body, mind and spirit for all. They have what it takes to get people connected and engaged by one another making the community forester more with good will. Programs at Dowd YMCA cut across healthy and wellness techniques. They also have diverse program for youth including swimming, camps, race and more. Offered by Dowd YMCA includes renting facilities out.

Some reviews of people about the Dowd YMCA give more of insight about the fitness center. Eric B. who is a resident of Charlotte attested to the fact that YMCA is a good gym; he also stated that they’ve got series of facilities meant to help in the fitness world. Fleece P who is also a member of the YMCA enjoys that fact she’s been given a card to visit any of the YMCA centers. However, Megan M who also loved the gym complained about the car park space saying it was too difficult getting space to park.

More information about Dowd YMCA can be gotten by reaching their fitness center agent on (704) 716-6100 or logging on to their website at

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