Coconut Oil Secret Review-Will Jake’s Program Work for me?

I agree with the saying that you can never compare the things that are found in nature to the ones that are put together in the factory. I know you will also agree with me on that too. The nature is amazingly generous in so many ways, especially in the way it provides for us. The nature has provided us with many vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins, so that they can nourish our body and contribute positively to our health-among which is the coconut.

coconut milkThe Coconut

Coconut is a popular fruits that is known for its healing powers. It is one of the major food sources of the people that live in island countries. The coconut is a very important food that has so many functions, especially the fiber, minerals and vitamins that is consists. For many generations now, the island people have tagged the coconut tree as the “tree of life” and they have also considered it as a cure for all kinds of illness. They have different use for every part of the coconut-the meat, the coconut oil and the milk in their daily activities. The diet is high in saturated fat, but still all these diseases that are common in the Western part of the world are not found in those places. Despite too much exposure to the sun in their places, the people from the island countries like the Philippians are still mostly known for their nice looking and youthful complexions and soft skins that are free from wrinkles.

coconut oilThe Coconut Oil

Out of the many things that we can get from the coconut, the main focus on this review today is the coconut oil. Over the years, the coconut oils has been known for its ability to protect humans from virus, infections, heart problems, bacteria and most importantly to many people, it burns fat. The coconut oil is a saturated fat. It is properly filled with so many properties that are very powerful at promotion the human health. Contrary to what most believe, it is not in any way responsible for any of the critical health conditions that most humans face these days-obesity, high cholesterol and obesity among others. And fortunately, science and the producers of conventional medicines have started to realize this basic fact, even though it’s a little late. This brings us to the review of Jake Carney’s The Alternative Daily program. This is a program that focuses on making use of coconut oil to give people the best health benefit that they desire and truly deserve.

The coconut oil secret book newThe Base of The Coconut Oil Secret 

There is a myth that has been attached to the consumption of coconut. In the past, people have used the healing power of the coconut to get rid of come ailments like coughs, constipation, malnutrition, skin infections and the rest but that was before the end of the World War II. The US proclaimed hydrogenated oils as the best and later in the 1960s, a scientific theory kicked against saturated fats in some foods, which included coconut as well and that pushed people away from consuming coconut to refined vegetable oils. Not long after, Western lifestyle and diet found their way to the islands as well and that put an end to the old practice of consuming coconuts, exactly what food manufacturing company wanted. Natural foods that mostly come straight from the farm to the table were being replaced with refined and foods that are chemical-laden. When nutritious and healthy traditional foods have been replaced with refined and processed food, it shouldn’t be a surprise to us that all sorts of diseases have become prevalent everywhere, especially in America. Even now, all those diseases like heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes as well are now common in the islands where they wouldn’t exist again.

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The Coconut Oil Secret: Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood exposes the lies that you have been made to believe that has been obstructing you from see the amazing benefits in coconuts that are meant to promote your health. This is a perfect way for you to introduce a healing and cleansing coconut oil into your everyday activities so that you can get the optimum health benefit that you desire and truly deserve.

the coconut oil secret According to Jake Carney, it is not all coconut oil that is created equal, some are better than others. Processed coconut oil does not have much benefit to the body, so the less processed the oil, the more health benefit it has. Jake Carney also made mention of 4 sources of fat that are the worst offenders of healthy, which you should avoid. They include the following:

  1. CanolaThere is nothing like canola from nature. Canola oil is actually a modified version of rapeseed oil. It has been used by Asian and Indian for years now, but never in the way Americans consume it. The rape plant contains a compound that has cyanide that even insects and wild animals avoid in nature. The refining process of this oils involves exposing it to high it , which will remove the omega 3 content in it and this cause muscle disorder and other fat related diseases.
  2. Cottonseed Oil-Many commercially produced foods contain cottonseed oil and the main source of cottonseed oil is from cotton, which is not a food crops and so, it is so not treated like an edible crop but as an industrial crop. Just anything can be sprayed on cotton plants to keep off insects and make them grow faster growth. All those dangerous poison used on the plants such as trifluralin and others, end up as toxic organisms in the plants. So, it is truly not safe to consume anything from cotton.
  3. Safflower– According to previous studies, substituting animal fats with vegetable oils like safflower reduces cholesterol levels but the study neglected the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 in the oils. New research study now has proven evidences that it may not be the cholesterols that cause damage to people’s heath but omega-6. With this result, researchers have come to re-evaluate their initial theories on saturated fat and the connection between heart disease and cholesterol and are now seeing the formerly embraces omega-6 oil as the culprit.
  4. Soybean– The soybean contains a large quantity of estrogen-like compounds that re also known as phytoestrogens. According to Jake, the belief that soybeans is healthy to consume is just a myth. Asians take soybean in its fermented state but the Americans do so in the crop’s unfermented state. These soybeans are highly processed and also heavily hydrogenated. They have been connected to several medical conditions which includes hormone disruption and thyroid damage.

Coconut oil secretWhat is The Coconut Oil Secret?

The Alternative Daily-Coconut Oil Secret guide is a guide that consists of different ways of maximizing the health benefits in the tropical oil from coconut in order to achieve a beautiful skin, healthier weight, a sharper mind, more energy, improved cardiovascular function and overall better health. The Coconut Oil Secrets guide is filled with secrets of a concentrated source of fat-loss, cancer-fighting, anti-aging secrets in coconut oil that cannot be found anywhere else secrets anywhere. It may sound too good to be true, but lots of research has shown and proved that coconut oil can do amazing things to your health. Out of many things that the coconut oil can do for you, few are listed below:

Details of the Coconut Oil Secret Guide

Jake Carney reveals few out of the numerous health benefits of coconut oil. The coconut oil is considered the breast milk of the Mother Nature to human kind. The coconut oil is the most concentrated source of the lauric acid, which is also present in the breast milk of a breastfeeding mother. It is a natural boost to the immune system. Jake reveals that the coconut oil contains the healthiest substance on earth. The Health and Science Institute has proven that coconut oil can promote health, and this program reveals the reason. The Coconut Oil Secret guide reveals the unique qualities in coconut oil that gives it the ability to fight viruses and the recommended dosage of coconut oil that you need to consume based on your weight.

coconut oil secret
The coconut oil has also been known to feul the metabolism. According to researchers, in the culture where the unrefined coconut oil is part of their everyday diet, there is less obesity or diseases that are related with lifestyle, but that is not the case in America. As only very little coconut oil are consumed. The Coconut Oil Secret guide reveals the secret ingredients in coconut that really helps in burning fat in a very fast way. You will also learn why coconut oil reduces cravings. With Coconut Oil Secret guide, you will also discover why the islanders eat a diet that has 50% fat and yet still remain slim. The Coconut Oil Secret guide also exposes the friendly oils that you should avoid, because they will only end up in increasing your risk of heart problems.

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The Coconut Oil also boosts your thyroid. There are millions Americans that suffers from low thyroid function, without completely understanding the cause of this condition. All those refined oil contains iodine blockers and as we all know that iodine is very important for the thyroid to function very well. So, you might want to shift from vegetable oil. Jake also said that weight loss is impossible without a healthy thyroid. This Coconut Oil Secret guide reveals the symptoms of thyroid deficiency and the two foods that are iodine blockers that you should avoid. You will also learn exactly how much coconut oil you need to consume for your energy level to increase and many more.

The coconut oil secret
Coconut Oil helps to beautify and protect your skin. The people that live in the tropics make use of the coconut oil as their beauty regimen. They not only use it as part of their diet. That should be why they have beautiful faces and skins that are also wrinkle-free face. Not only is the coconut oil a naturally moisturizing cleanser but it is also an effective sunscreen. The Coconut Oil Secret guide teaches how you can get rid of the bacteria associated with dermatitis by revealing the perfect oil that you can mix with coconut oil in order to achieve this. This guide also reveals the secret ingredients that make coconut oil much more effective in getting rid of aches. This Coconut Oil Secret guide teaches the vital connection between vitamin D, coconut and vitamin E.

Coconut Oil fights cancer as well. The cancer cells are out to destroy any body that fall prey to them. They feed and grow in that body until the illness grows and eventually ruin someone’s health. According to researchers, it has been discovered that you can actually starve the cancer cells; this defence method equips the body with enough power to fight the disease, without being assaulted with chemotherapy. The Coconut Oil Secret guide reveals the fuel that you can use to starve cancer cells. It also teaches about the four changes you must accept into your lifestyle and the types of food that you must stop eating because they help cancer’s mission in the body of its victims.

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Coconut oil is the gives the best detox. As we all know that detox is now popular. But there are many detox information everywhere on the internet that you cannot rely on as they are not founded on scientist ground. The coconut is said to have incredible detox abilities and also has the ability to bolster your energy levels in detox programs.  Coconut Oil Secret guide exposes the five necessary elements that must be included in any detox program and a very effective and easy-to-do detox that only takes ten minutes of your time, which you can do every day. With this guide, you will also learn the dos and don’ts of detox program.

Coconut Oil can save your brain too. This is your best chance at protecting your brain from diseases like Alzheimer. You can do this by helping your body to produce enough ketones, which is another source of energy to your brain. MCTs are found in coconut oil and they help in producing ketones.

The health-promoting powers of the coconut oil makes yeast yield. As we all know that yeast is very important in our body for digestion and the absorption of nutrients and they are present in our intestine as well as our mouth, but too much of it, is bad. At this stage, it breaks down the walls of the intestine, find its way into the bloodstream and deposit toxins there. This usually cause yeast related illnesses. With the Coconut Oil Secret guide, you will discover how to encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in your body. There is also a home test inside the Coconut Oil Secret guide that will help you know if yeast is making you sick.

Coconut Oil is amazing for heart health. Coconut oil is full healing benefit that works perfectly for the heart. Coconut oil will help you prevent the need for drugs in maintain the health of your heart and most importantly help to prevent you from having to heart related illness in the first place. We all know heart disease is a really scary one and the drugs recommended for the treatment too are not friendly. This is a natural treatment for any heart-related illness that has no side-effect whatsoever. This Coconut Oil Secret guide exposes the unique ability that coconut oil has in reducing blood clots. It also educates on how low infections can actually add to heart disease and what you can do in order to avoid them.

The Coconut Secret Guide-Bonuses

Bonus #1: 20 Cleansing & Anti-Aging Ways to Use Coconut OilThe coconut oil secret bonus1free

The people that live on the island have various uses for coconut oil. The bonus consists of different ways by which
you can make use of coconut oil that you have never heard of before. These uses are the ones people have been using for many years and they will help to cleanse your body and provide you with healthy living.

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Bonus #2: 11 Super-Delicious, Super-Healthy Coconut Oil Recipes

The coconut oil secret bonus2freeNot only is Coconut healthy, but it also taste divine. This bonus guide consists of recipes that you will never stop craving for, once you try them.


The Coconut Oil Secret guide provides you with proven ways by which you can get the best health benefits from nature. You can improve your overall health by making use of the 100% all natural remedies in preventing and curing common illnesses without drugs and side effects. In case you purchase the Coconut Oil Secret guide and you are not pleased with the result it gave you after 60 days, then all you have to do is to ask for a refund of your money, which you will get without any hassle or questions asked. The prise of the Coconut Oil Secret guide is really cheap and affordable if you are to compare it to the cost of the conventional drugs, creams and other treatments for your health. The guide is only available in digital format.

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