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A Yoga Teacher/Group Fitness Instructor Is Wanted At The Phoenix “sober active community”

A job listing for a yoga teacher/group fitness instructor who can deliver quality coaching and help build the Phoenix community in Wichita, Kansas was just published online. Phoenix is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a fitness center for people who are recovering from a substance use disorder with the mission of helping them build self-respect, confidence, and community through participation in their physical, social and educational programs. According to the job description, it will be even cooler if you have a personal experience recovering from substance use disorder or alcohol. Qualifications include experience facilitating group fitness programs or yoga classes, YT-200, excellent interpersonal skills, CF-L1 or higher, NASM, NSCA, ACSM, or ACE for group instructors, Minimum high school education or GED, ability to use a standard computer and office equipment and willingness to work flexible hours. Compensation is hourly. For more information or to apply, visit this link and you can only apply through their website.

PE teacher at Lakeside Elementary School in Orange Park Reaches Out To Students Online

Just like what most gyms do these days because of COVID-19, Kim Tracanna-Breault, the PE teacher at Lakeside Elementary School in Orange Park has similarly resorted to bringing the classroom into the homes of his students by keeping them active with a daily challenge through on her Facebook.  She’s undoubtedly not letting them slouch on the couch during the period that the Lakeside Elementary school is closed. Her mini-workouts aim to give children both a psychological and a physical boost which is exactly what they need at a time of uncertainty like this. She believes the fitness challenges give them a sense of school spirit and a sense of belonging despite the current negative situation happening in the country. What she claims to find more exciting is the fact that she’s received video feedbacks from the school principal, parents, custodian staff and even children in Canada carrying out her challenges. Tracanna-Brault also comments back to each student’s response and telling them they’re doing a great job. 

Gainesville Health & Fitness Ambassador, Billie Bob Sykes, Celebrated the 95th Birthday

fitness news today- Billie Bob Sykes, an important member of Gainesville Health & Fitness family has celebrated just a major milestone as she marked her 95 years on Monday, March 9th.  She is known for her warm smile and greeting towards fellow gym-goers with smiles and candy. The occasion was held at Gainesville Health & Fitness located off Newberry Road, where many people came to show their appreciation for Sykes, who’s usually known at the gym as “Billie Bob”. There was plenty of cake, gift laughs and Billie Bob’s favorite piece of exercising equipment during the birthday celebration. She became an ambassador for all of Gainesville Health & Fitness two years ago, which she was positively excited about, despite her age. As she always says “do what you love, love what you do, and put your best foot forward”.  

Hone Fitness Remains Open Despite Coronavirus Fears

Hone Fitness stay open amidst Coronavirus FearHone Fitness in Toronto is remaining open and denying its customers of putting their memberships on hold amid the COVID-19 outbreak and the fact that their competitors such as GoodLife, have temporarily ceased operations for now. Despite the recent warnings against public spaces and large gatherings, the gym announced via social media that all its locations would still remain open despite the outbreak of the virus. The decision is supposedly a response to a provincial press conference that states that Ontario is yet to reach the stage of ordering the closedown of non-essential businesses. Hone Fitness has canceled their group classes, step up cleaning measures, added sanitization stations and restricted the opening hours for all its gyms, but the gym is still receiving ample backlash on social media for proudly staying open.

Snap Fitness Announces Plan to Enter the Japanese Market

fitness news todayAs revealed in a press release on Wednesday, Chanhassen-based Snap Fitness and Lift Brands, its parent company, intends to open 300 locations in Japan in a partnership with Global Fitness Japan Co. The one planned for flagship location will open in Tokyo later this year, followed by Osaka location and other regions. Global Fitness Japan Co.’s CEO, Kazuki Takenouchi, acknowledged Snap Fitness’s long-time sustained innovative fitness services and mentioned that his company believes franchisor will improve the wellness of the people Japan by offering technology-based, results-driven workouts.

Baltimore City Police Uses Fitness To Connect With Kids

The Baltimore City Police Department connects with inner-city kids by using fitness as a tool. At 9:30 a.m. every Sunday, the Baltimore City Police Southeast District welcomes a group of 15 kids from Patterson High School to occupy their free time with an intense workout. According to Officer Paul Rivera, having a lot of free time makes teenagers vulnerable to doing bad stuff. The Sunday activities are a part of a new youth program, designed to help children turn away from violence while promoting physical activity and helping them to build a good relationship with police officers. City Councilmember Zeke Cohen says the program has helped to put lots of children on the right path because the activity is more than just a workout to the students. This is further confirmed in the testimonies of two of the students, Horace Moye and Dennis Mena who explained to how the program has changed their lives positively. Officials plan to get more kids involved.

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