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Growing fitness franchises now offer more ways for fitness lovers to commit to an effective workout routine this holiday season. This enables everyone to have access to studio-type workout, more personal coaching and a sense of community. Jeanette DePatie, a certified fitness trainer and the creator of explains that fitness franchises have unique personalities, principles, and series of workout movements. So, you can take your workouts with you and get a similar sweating experience anywhere you go. The benefits include workout consistency, a healthier heart, stronger muscles, and a clearer mind. DePatie mentions some factors to look out for in a fitness franchise, which is: location, culture, commitment, and fun factor. She says Pure Barre, CorePower Yoga, CycleBar, Solidcore and Orangefitness are national chains that might just be anyone’s perfect fitness fit.

Gait Enhancing & Motivating System (GEMS)Samsung, last year, introduced Gait Enhancing & Motivating System (GEMS) an exoskeleton and personal fitness coach device that is designed to help users correct their postures in every way. Also, a pair of augmented reality glasses were unveiled during its CES 2020 keynote. This new hardware piece, which works with Galaxy Smartphone, helps the user to choose a virtual workout location and a trainer to guide them through their workout. The motivational trainer tracks user’s movements keep count and provides them with feedback on their performance. Users can evaluate their overall performance through a companion mobile app and identify the areas they need to improve on. In short, this feels like a combined version of the Magic Leap and Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure game.

You can now get the Fitbit Charge 3 waterproof fitness tracker at its lowest price ever! With $50 off from its normal price of $149.95 at Amazon, now is a better chance to score any of the next-gen fitness trackers that are currently on the horizon on the cheap.  This is one of the best deals of Fitbit we have ever seen since the holidays. This fitness tracker features amazing health and fitness monitoring and has all you need. It comes with a 7-day battery life with which Fitbit made good on its promise, a touch-screen display that is 30% larger than its predecessor’s and an ability to withstand water submersion.  its lack of GPS does not in any way affect its overall functionality You can sync it with the Fitbit app to view calories burned, the time elapsed and full stats of your workout. So, for reliable, water-resistant fitness band, the Fitbit Charge 3 is a smart buy.

fitness news todayAn international fitness expert, Lucy Mountain has targeted and debunked many popular fitness-related diet myths. While so many people have been frustrated with the dilemma caused by conflicting diet advice from fitness gurus, health websites or proven studies, Lucy Mountain has set the record straight once and for all. According to her, carbs aren’t always bad since they only fall into the category less ‘nutrient-dense’ food. The Fashion Fitness Foodie on Instagram warns that blindly following ‘diet camps’ like intermittent fasting or calorie counting is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Instead, Lucy Mountain recommends eating the foods you love without worrying about the calorie or nutrient composition. It is more about eating a balanced diet; getting the right nutrients from different sources, not repeating foods all the time because you are trying to reduce calorie content. Life is too short, so enjoy your favorite dishes.

Brenda Garcia’s words of wisdom may motivate you to get yourself down to a fitness center again. If you are like most people, then you may be reluctant to hit the gym as you are probably still devouring your Thanksgiving turkeys’ leftovers and sides. If you are feeling helpless about your terrible lifestyle, you could use some motivation from Brenda Garcia, a sexy fitness guru on Instagram. The photos of herself on Instagram reveal a confident, ultimately fit and healthy girl with captions that carry her followers along on her fitness journey. As someone who used to be obese as a little girl; she now motivates, empowers and inspires women to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle.

Chloe MadeleyChloe Madeley, a 32-year-old presenter, and fitness model has revealed the diet and workout plan that have helped her maintain six-packs. While she has always shared her diet and workout tips on her social media accounts, Chloe revealed her major fitness secrets in an interview with Closer Magazine. According to her, she switched from doing cardio to lifting weight about 3 years ago and only takes 100% clean and all-natural foods; predominantly protein, followed by carbs and lastly fats. Chloe added that weight-lifting does not make women bulky, as it has helped her to stay in shape for 7 years now. She also credited moderate calorie counting and portion control. The author of The Fat Loss Blitz and 4 Week Body Blitzadmitted that it is ok to occasionally go off plan on a restrictive diet to treat yourself at BBQs, weddings and birthdays.

fitness todayFor men; finding the right gift for the women with active lifestyles in your life no longer has to be a daunting task. There are now available presents that work best for either your sister, mum or Mrs when it comes to upgrading her workout wardrobe. As gathered and suggested by, any of these 17 fitness and health-related gifts are guaranteed to make her have a whole new fitness experience on her next workout.

  1. The North Face Women’s Apex Plus Etip Gloves
  2. Bose Wireless Headphones
  3. Backslash FitYoga Mat
  4. Pro Travel Size Foam Roller
  5. Nike Air Max Bella TR 2 Icon Clash
  6. Mesh 7/8 Yoga Leggings
  7. Lite-Show™ 2 Winter Jacket
  8. Fitbit Charge 3Fitbit
  9. Black + Blum Bento Box
  10. Kiehl’s Set
  11. Root & Leaf: Vegetarian Food
  12. Evolve Halter Crop
  13. Under Armour Duffel
  14. Chilly’s Water Bottle
  15. NUTRiBULLET 600 Series
  16. Originals Velvet Joggers
  17. ZuperzozialCup Measurers

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