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Fitness lovers gathered for their last exercise for Heart Awareness Month  

fitness news todayJazzercise gym in Pittsburg hosted a fitness challenge for their clients for the month of February with the goal of attending 16 HIIT workout classes to promote heart health. The owner of Jazzercise Fitness Center, Emily George, says the goal for working out is to be healthy and live long, which means you have to find certain things that you can continue to do and not feel like you are working out.

This means whatever you do should motivate you because you love it. Most participants reached their fitness goals this month and George says she’s happy to be able to promote heart health in her community. Fitness lovers who were able to achieve their fitness goal also collected a free tank top from the gyms. George mentioned that she looks forward to the annual growth of this event, which will surely be awesome.

On Fitness Today – Fanwood-Scotch Plain YMCA Adds A New Fitness Class

The Fanwood-Scotch Plain YMCA, in partnership with the Scotch Plains Mayor’s Wellness Campaign, will be providing a great fitness class that will focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. These three major aspects are important to maintain a healthy functional body.

Participants are to register through this link www.scotlib.org, within the time limit and are required to wear good sneakers as there will be sitting in a chair during the classes.

Fitness news todayFlexIt Partners With California Family Fitness

As revealed in a press release by GlobeNewswire on finance.yahoo,  FlexIt – the fitness app that allows users to access fitness facilities, has gone into partnership with California Family Fitness.

Henceforth, FlexIt users will now be able to select any location of California Family Fitness they want throughout the great Sacramento area. FlexIt lets its users choose where and when they work out while paying for the time they spend at the gym only.

In his statement, Austin Cohen -the Founder and CEO of FlexIt says that to continue to expand throughout the West Coast is one of their goals for 2020 and they are thrilled to add California Family Fitness to their expanding list of partners.

Also, FlexIt recently announced the integration of augmented reality (AR) feature into the Easy-Access gym app, which will help users to tour fitness centers before visiting the facilities. This is intended to create a fully immersive experience for users.

Getting Home-Gym Equipments Seems Like  a Good Back-up Plan For Sticking to Fitness Goals

coronavirus hits popular gm chainsAtlas Fitness team in Ft. Wright, KY says that getting home-gym equipment may be the perfect backup plan to help you stick to your fitness goals this year. If like most people, you are already finding it hard to stick to your New Year’s fitness resolution due to a tight daily schedule, then you need a new strategy.

Joe Lawrie of Atlas Fitness, who also supplies fitness pieces of equipment to major gyms, insists that the best fitness equipment that can help anyone lose weight is the one they will use. He also mentioned that you should ask some key questions when trying to purchase home-equipment to know how old it is, how it’s been maintained, who can maintain it for you and whether or not it is designed for home or commercial use.

While Atlas Fitness has limited showroom hours, they can be reached on 859-760-7000. They also help with special training or medical needs.

Shanghai Launches An Online Program For Olympic Gold Medalists

Shanghai recently launched an online program that allows Olympic gold medalists to showcase in-house fitness exercises. For days now, there have been displayed short videos of Yang Yang, former Winter Olympic champion and Xu Lijia, former Olympic sailing champion in short-track speedskating on the WeChat account of the Shanghai Administration of Sports.

There will be other Olympic champions such as Wu Minxia, former Olympic champion for diving events and world champion in the program. According to Zhao Guangsheng, deputy director of the Shanghai Administration of Sports, there will as well be more exercise types specifically designed for people of different body conditions and ages.

So far, this administration has done the launching of 13 in-house workout guides with its WeChat account with the intention of helping people remain fit in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic.

NFGFC Provides $100,000 fitness centers For the State of Oklahoma For 2020 DON’T QUIT! Campaign

Fitness TodayThe National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils (NFGFC) has decided to provide the State of Oklahoma with $100,000 fitness centers with their 2020 DON’T QUIT! Campaign. This was announced at the office of Governor Kevin Stitt on Feb., 9.

In his statement that day, Gov. Stitt expressed his excitement to work with the NFGFC in offering the city’s elementary and middle schools this great opportunity. Jake Steinfeld, Chairman of the NFGFC is happy that governors they’ve partnered with are aware that childhood obesity is neither Republican nor Democratic but an issue we all need to curb.  

So far, 32 states and Washington, DC, have received DON’T QUIT! Fitness Centers from NFGFC. School nominations are currently being accepted until Friday, March 20, 2020. Interested schools can submit a video or written essay along with a filled application form to apply for a DON’T QUIT! Fitness center.

To access more information or download an application, visit http://natgovfit.org/nominate-your-school/.

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