Erectile Dysfunction Medication – Common Side Effects of ED Drugs

As a man, your quality of life may be affected by reduced sexual satisfaction that comes from erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. Causes of ED includes both physical and psychological reasons. The former is usually experienced by older male adults.

side effects of ed drugs you should look out forMedications such as Cialis, Viagra and Levitra are common erectile dysfunction drugs. They help you to increase the nitric oxide’s level in your blood. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It expands the blood vessels in your penis to increase the blood flow, which makes it easier for you to achieve and maintain an erection for sexual activities.

However, these medications come with some side effects.

Side Effects Of ED Drugs

There are some side effects of ED drugs you should watch out for if you decide to check them out or if you are already on them.

1. Headaches

This is one of the common side effects of ED drugs. It is caused by the sudden change in your blood flow because of the increased levels of nitric oxide. Headache is common with every form of ED medications but you can work together with your doctor to prevent it.

2. Body aches and pains

Some men on Ed drugs have reported muscle pains and aches all through the body, especially at their lower back. Your doctor can help you with over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication.

3. Digestive System Problems

Digestion issue is another one of the side effects of ED drugs and it can be pretty upsetting. If you are experiences diarrhoea or indigestion, which are the common ones, making dietary changes to minimize stomach upset can help you relieve this problem.

Opt for drinking water or juice instead of alcohol or caffeinated beverages. Let your doctor know if all these do not work for you.

4. Dizziness

Increase in nitric oxide results in dizziness for men. Although it is generally mild it can still cause discomfort during daily activities. There are rare cases where dizziness from Erectile Dysfunction drugs has caused fainting. This can result in critical health problem, so let your doctor know once this start happening.

5. Vision changes

vision problem is one of the side effects of ed drugsVision changes are another one of the common side effects of ED drugs you should look out for. ED drugs can affect your vision and literally change the way you see things. Some brands of ED medication can alter your eyesight temporarily and even result in blurry vision. For people suffering from retinal disorder, opting for ED drugs isn’t recommended.

A complete vision change or loss of vision can indicate critical problem with ED drugs. You can go for natural erectile dysfunction treatment or check out programs designed to help men get rid of erectile dysfunction and see anyone that might work for you.

6. Flushes

Flushes are redness of the skin and they are temporary. They often develop on the face and may later spread to other parts of your body. Flushes can be severe or mild. While the former comes in rashes, the later is like blotchy skin.

Typically, flushes are not harmful but you may not be comfortable with your appearance. If you have flushed from ED drugs, you need to avoid drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods or exposing yourself to warm temperatures outside. Doing any of these may worsen the flushes symptoms.

7. Congestion

Congestion in this aspect is also known as a runny or stuffy nose. It commonly comes as a symptom of pills for treating erection problems. This is also not that harmful because it tends to go away in most cases. You can let your doctor be aware of it if it persists.

Uncommon Severe Side Effects Of ED Drugs

The above are the common side effects of ED drugs and most of them usually go away on their own but there are other rare side effects of ED drugs, which could be very dangerous. These uncommon side effects of ED drugs include:

You should immediately inform your health care provider if you seem to be developing any of these severe side effects of ED drugs.

Some men are more vulnerable to these side effects of ED drugs than other men, usually because of other medical conditions they have or other medications they are on.

The next time you are discussing erectile dysfunction treatment with your doctor, make sure you let him know of all the medications you are taking and other medical conditions you are experiencing.

If drugs for erection problems aren’t good for you, your doctor would know other ED treatment options to suggest, such as vacuum pumps, surgery or ED program for natural erectile dysfunction treatments.

You can check out some of these programs designed by men who have had their own shares of humiliating and embarrassing sexual performances in the past, such as Iron Man Stamina, Rock Hard Formula and Heat Yourself Hard.

Check them out to see how they work and decide if any of them is for you. Just make sure you discuss this with your doctor first.

Stay Healthy.

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