10 Best Fitness Centers In Glendale, Arizona

1. Gent’s Boxing Club


The Gent’s Boxing Club is one of the best fitness centers in Glendale, Arizona. It is located at 17437 N 71st Dr Ste 109 Glendale, AZ 85308, with specialisation in Gyms, training and boxing activities.

The Gent’s Boxing Club is gradually becoming Arizona’s best boxing club. They offer quality boxing program that helps clients achieve their fitness goal. Members will enjoy a family environment where people of any fitness level and kids from the age of 8 upward are welcomed. They are opened during all gym hours with unlimited classes offered exclusively to members. Members are assured of a variety of program each tailored to meet/suit individual’s fitness goal. Members of the Arizona community that enjoys the “sweet science” as well as experience the extensive fitness benefit of boxing are invited. Whatever members’ fitness goal might be, they are assured of the right resources to make it a reality at the Gent’s Boxing Club


Members will have access to their custom built practice area and full size boxing ring. Asides boxing services, members that with interest in ample resistance, cardio and TRX equipment etc to supplement their training. Members are assured of a non-intimidating way to learn boxing. They have a crop of well experienced friendly staff that will guide members through all the learning process, providing motivation and guidance every step of the way. For people who would like to experience weight loss, increased endurance, higher confidence, and generally feel better, the Gent’s Boxing Club is their home.

A couple of users experience gathered by this Glendale AZ fitness club review established some claims made by the Gent’s Club. Dan M. from Glendale, AZ expressed absolute love for the club. He affirmed that everyone is like family, and the workout are pretty intense and effective. He recommended the club to any interested fellow. Eric N. From Phoenix, AZ also expressed affection for Gents. He affirmed that the club is filled with lovely people dedicated to each other’s well being.

Phone number (623) 486-5555

Business website: www.gentsboxingclub.com

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