Best Fitness Centres In New York City, New York

  1. Throwback Fitness


Throwback fitness is one of the fitness centres in New-York city, New-York. It is located at 303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 207 New York, NY 10016 Midtown East. Throwback fitness being amongst the best fitness centers in New York was established after discoveries where made on how important exercising is to the health by Ryan Wilke and his colleague Brian Gallagher, co-founder and coaches at the fitness centre.

Some years back Ryan Wilke& Brian Gallagher saw exercising as activities full of fun and benefiting to the health. It was also discovered that having awesome body shape doesn’t require gym interval always. Ryan a coach and also a co-founder of one of the best fitness centres in NY quitted his finance career for exercise in a more social and dynamic way.

He ones achieved perfect scores fitness with the Marine Corps physical fitness. Brian on the other hand had passions regarding fitness since he was a teenage (13), he is also a wrestler. This made them coming about types of workouts quick enough to enhance athleticism and other body fitness aids.

Throwback fitness came up with exercises to include: squats, rope jumps, push-ups etc. this gym workout fitness centre in New York City is known for her special workout packages and the aim of helping people enjoy workouts and at the same time transforming their body into great shapes.

This makes throwback one of the best fitness centres as it functions as a gym and also a studio with lots of activities to enhance the physical body for a better living with any age bracket. The coaches are such that delivers the best of fitness training to their clients.

Some clients review revealed throwback as one of thebest fitness centre in New York. Julian D, a resident of Astoria, New york claims she enjoyed every bit of workout session she had at throwback fitness centre. So also was Steven L, who had awesome working out session at the gym.

You can contact Throwback fitness on (610) 844-5364 or send a mail to or You can also visit their website at to learn more.

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