Top 10 Fitness Centers In Boise, ID

Are you new in town and looking for the fitness center to join? Or you are just looking to switch your gym to a neat, convenient judgment-free zone where you can achieve your fitness goals and still enjoy other benefits of a standard fitness center? As someone who is trying to decide the best gym to visit, we understand your personal opinion, feelings and perspective are important. This is why we have scoured the city to bring you the best gyms in Boise, ID, with their uniqueness to help you decide the right fitness center for you.

1. Axiom  Fitness Center


Axiom fitness center, The “PLACE TO WORKOUT” as it is fondly called, is the best place for anyone who wants a place to keep stay in shape with all sense of humor. It is locally owned and managed; well-known as a home away from home. With special provision for handicap, members also enjoy Free Wifi. There is a fuel center, pro shop and kids club among other things. If you enjoy working out with high-tech or new fitness equipment, you will like it here. Axiom is located at (Corporate Office): 801 E Parkcenter Blvd Boise, ID 83706. Contact Details: (208) 955-1113 or visit for more info.

2. Zen Riot

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Perhaps the word “Riot” here came on board as the radical approach to fight for wellness and health as much as possible for individuals. Zen riot is a yoga studio with a focus on having ‘no dull moment’ here. Established in 2016, Sisters Jenn and Jacque Crawford are the co-owners of Zen Riot gym located at 1524 S. Vista Ave, Boise, ID 83705. The gym operates private yoga programs and sessions to suit anyone in consideration of fitness levels and future health condition. They also offer Reiki Energy Healing and Thai Bodywork Message. Call; (208) 557-9102; Website:

3. Performance Fitness Gym

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Fitness Center Performance is located at 274 N Maple Grove Rd, Ste 105, Boise, ID 83704. Established in the year 1999, and now operated by Jujitsu, the gym is operated by John and Carmendevotees who are known to be passionate about what they do. They also offer free nutrition and diet classes. The gym is great for anyone who wants rehab or interested in recovery. Call; (920) 542-4412 or visit

3. Jack City Fitness


Jack City Fitness was established in 2012, family-owned & operated by Marshall W. It is located at 1450 N Mitchell, Boise, ID 83704. Contact detail; (208) 631-5888, Website; Visiting this place is by appointment only, good for kids, wheelchair accessible and they accept credit cards.

4. Powerseeker Crossfit


Popularly known as the first hybrid Crossfit Box operation in Idaho, the PowerSeeker CrossFit is owned and operated by Brent. The CrossFit box located at 222 N Maple Grove Rd, Boise, ID 83704. The gym is known for passionately handling people with all sense of belonging and humor, as reported in some of their clients’ reviews on Yelp. Call; (208) 859-2122 or visit 

5. Kvell Fitness & Nutrition


Brett Denton BS, IYCA-YF is the Business Owner of the Kvell Fitness & Nutrition. The gym is located at 814 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83702. Kvell Fitness & Nutrition operate programs such as Yoga, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Group, and General Training. Mathew  D. San Francisco, CA reported that working out at this fitness center has helped him to get into the best shape of your life. People who are interested in nutritional guides and education will benefit more from joining this gym. Call; (208) 863-8072 or visit for more information

6. Idaho Fitness Factory


Idaho fitness factory is a 24-hour gym located at 11600 Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83713, United States. They also have five different locations in Boise and Meridian with clean and safe workout facilities in a comfortable environment. There are free Wifi and unlimited tanning. Call +1 208-297-7949 and


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Groove fitness and Spa is one of Downtown Boise’s premier fitness and spa center. It is located at 245 S. Capitol Blvd 5th floor, Boise, ID.83702. There seems to be something for everyone here; from small group training, boot camp, personal training, massage therapy, esthetic services, manicure and pedicure services to cycling classes, conditioning classes, yoga classes, and spa packages. They are opened every day of the week and offer complimentary towel services as well. Robert S., in his customer’s feedback on Yelp, reported that this gym has the best gym equipment and an actual lap pool with an incredible staff. Email; website; call; 208-514-4434.


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The A2O fitness center is a private gym owned by Jennifer Ludington who is also the chief fitness officer. It is situated at 511 S Americana Blvd, Boise, ID 83702, United States. A2O fitness is located in a comfortable atmosphere and users’ report in their revies that the personal trainers here show interest in the nutrition and lifestyles of their members as regards to health and fitness. Some of the classes they offer are personal training, group circuit, kettlebell classes, and nutritional coaching. Call +1 208-344-5377 or visit their website 

10. Planet Fitness

planet fitness - best fitness centres in Boise, ID

Planet Fitness is another 24-hour gym, located at 5010 Woverland Rd, Boise, ID 83705, United States and 47 other locations. They have a welcoming, comfortable and Judgement free environment. If you are the type that needs to pay extra attention to your pocket in term of a gym membership, you can check out this fitness center. Patricia W. confesses that Planet Fitness is the best gym she has ever belonged to and there is no intimidation. Visit or call +1 208-426-0102 for more info. READ 1004 REVIEWS

That’s it on the best gyms in Boise; ID. Share your experience with us, should you choose to check out any of the gyms above or you can just let us know if your favourite gym makes the cut by dropping a comment.  

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