Best Gyms In Nashville-Davidson; Tennessee

  1. HOTBOX Fitness

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HOTBOX Fitness is one of the best fitness center in Nashville-Davidson; Tennessee. It is located at 125 12th Avenue S Nashville, TN 37203 The Gulch, Downtown. The fitness center began operation in Nashville-Davidson on the 1stday of April, 2010.

There are series of workout centers having highly tagged prices and still don’t do proper workout training. HOTBOX Fitness saw this as not too good enough before deciding to come up with her own better and cheaper way of doing workouts.

The group of team maintained by the HOTBOX Fitness center is strong at encouraging both beginners and expert. They are going to be taking you through effective sessions of workouts that would have a great influence in ensuring the attainment of your fitness goal.

HOTBOX Fitness does kickboxing but has lately improvised by complimenting their kickboxing with Strength program structured to work on improving your overall strength. The equipment are made available to this effect are such dedicated to distinct fitness. The crew members at HOTBOX Fitness in Nashville-Davidson; Tennessee are all up to the task of taking you right to your fitness goal, they are all made of good stuffs as they are certified in different areas of fitness.

According to some reviewers on yelp, Kristin V. claims that doing HOTBOX has made her stronger over time, she also stated that the staff at the gym are welcoming and with kind gestures

The customer care desk of the HOTBOX Fitness center in Nashville-Davidson; Tennessee can be reached on (615) 881-5795. You can also visit their website on for more details about the fitness center.

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