10 Top Gyms In San Antonio, Texas

Are you having difficulty in making a decision concerning the best fitness center to join in this city? We believe your personal opinion, feelings and perspective is very important in making this choice. So we have scoured the city of San Antonio to bring you the best gyms in San Antonio, where you can lose weight, get ripped, socialize or even scam dates. If you want to gain more than just the aesthetic benefits from a gym, then you will like any of these best gyms in San Antonio, Texas. We have arrived at these based on the customers’ reviews and feedback on Yelp and other review systems.

1) Crossfit Lobo

logo (6) CrossFit Lobo is located at 12710 Mayhill Dr Ste 101 San Antonio, TX 78249. It was established by Dee Zimmerman.The gym focuses on mobility, strength and stamina training. 

Known for its utmost dedication to its client’s success and fitness goals, the Crossfit lobo gym has a wide array of incredible coaches and Crossfit workout based on their believe in providing utmost support to clients.


Their activities involve combat, survival training CrossFit 101 course for beginners. Dawn W. also from San Antonio; Texas, in his review reported the welcoming, motivating and challenging atmosphere of the Crossfit Lobo

Contact Details: www.crossfitlobo.com and (210) 328-0830.

2) LivingStone CrossFit


Livingstone CrossFit is located at 2424 Broadway San Antonio, TX 78215 and owned by Malcom C.

The Livingstone Crossfit is basically specializes in strength and conditioning fitness and known for its dedicated towards helping clients attain higher levels of fitness. Users’ reviews and feedbacks report that Livingstone crossfit has a humble environment, supportive and athletic nature that binds them together as a family. They have services for the elderly and rehab. 

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Sarah Y. from San Antonio, TX confirmed the supportive nature of the whole Livingstone Crossfit crew. She would further recommended the gym to others in her review on Yelp. Contact Details; (210) 473-4680 and www.livingstonecrossfit.com.

3)Helotes CrossFit


Helotes Crossfit is located at 12266 Bandera Rd Ste 302 Helotes, TX 78023. Basically, the Helotes Crossfit’s workout is programmed to mimic client’s everyday movements.

The gym specializes in exciting and individualized functional movements structure that fit into the clients’ schedule. The Helotes Crossfit fitness centre is open to high school athletes, soccer moms, grandmothers and grandfathers, firefighters etc and levels of fitness.


Kimberly C. San Antonio, Texas in her user’s feedback reported that she finds the gym to be perfect. She expressed deep satisfaction with the owners and the coach and sincere affection for the gym.

Contact Details; (210) 618-1997 and www.helotescrossfit.com

4) Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness is a 24/7 gym situated at 18510 U.S. 281 San Antonio, TX 78259. The gym is basically committed to helping clients achieve their total health objectives, athletic aspiration  and fitness goals. They have health clubs, family recreation centers, sport club, and it offers a purely holistic approach to wellness by engaging clients’ areas of interest.


If you like a group fitness class, you will get it here. Clients’ report reveals the dedication of fun, friendly and approachable instructors. They also have custom-designed signature classes, yoga classes and cycle classes. Chloe M. from Helotes TX expresses his affection for the gym, the equipment, locker room etc. Contact Details; www.lifetimefitness.com and (210) 545-5000.

5) Jones-N4CrossFit

o (62)Jones-N4CrossFit is located at 3131 Thousand Oaks Dr San Antonio, TX 78247. The gym specializes in gym/training services with an open space for clients to run, jump, squat, and lift, filled with pull-up bars, kettle bells, barbells, and dumbbells. The gym offers a one-on-one training section, weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, rowing and group classes.

There is monthly evealuaution of clients’ weaknesses, technical movements or any other issue. Linda H. from San Antonio, Texas in her review, expresses deep satisfaction with the facilities of the gym and its hospitable staffs. Contact Details; www.jonesn4crossfit.com and (210) 997-1600.

6) Mission CrossFit San Antonio


Mission Crossfit is located at 8842 Broadway San Antonio, TX 78217. The gym is focused on strength and conditioning program designed to teach functional movements.

Clients’ feedback and reviews collated from Yelp on Mission CrossFit reveals that if anyone is looking to get leaner and stronger, more energetic and reduce the tendency of injury and illness, this gym has lots to offer. The state of the art facilities at Mission Crossfit makes it stand out of all the best gyms in San Antonio, Texas.


There is corporate wellness program, massage therapy, nutrition and yoga programs. Sammie from Colorado Springs. CO also thinks the gym is cool with very friendly coach and welcoming environment. Contact Details; www.missioncrossfitsa.com and (210) 865-9348.

7) Crossfit Unchained


CrossFit Unchained is located in 1100 E Houston San Antonio, TX 78205 Eastside, jointly owned by Alisia Elias Pruneda, the head coach and Arthur Pruneda, the General Manager.

The Crossfit program was designed to enhance an individual’s fitness at all levels. The gym specializes in fitness programs suited for the military, police personnel, firefighters and many other sports requiring total physical prowess. It focuses on physical workout and successful diet plans. 


Krissy W. from San Antonio, Texas feels that it is one of the best fitness centre in San Antonio, Texas. She adores the neatness of the facility and certainly recommends the gym to others. Contact Details; (210) 549-7383. alisia@cfunchained.com and www.CrossFitUnchained.com

8) Crossfit Lackland


Crossfit Lackland is located at 7121 US 90 Ste 104 San Antonio, TX 78227. The workouts here are short and intense, so it is not meant for anyone who is lazy. They specialize in functional movements that mimics everyday patterns of movements in real life (pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, carrying, and sprinting). 

CrossFit Lackland is known for his comittment towards caterings for men, women, child, old, young, injured, obese, handicapped, out of shape, or even an elite professional athlete. 11217553_967931836598544_4391714728202696416_n

Contact details: (210) 765-7210 and www.crossfitlackland.com

9) Thousand Oaks family YMCA


Founded in 1876, the Thousand Oaks family YMCA is one of the top rated gyms of San Antonio, Texas. It is located specifically at 2263 Thousand Oaks Dr San Antonio, TX 78232.

Furnished with a lot of recreational facilities, the YMCA has Tennis Courts, racquetball courts, basketball courts, Indoor Leisure Pool, Kidz Club, ChildWatch, Steam Room, aquatic programs etc. They welcome peope of all age and fitness levels,  with provision for kids as well. 

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Giselle C. from San Antonio, Texas in clients’ review on Yelp, expresses deep affection for the gym. He testified to well maintained equipments as well as the crop of fantastic staffs. Contact Detailswww.ymcasatx.org/toaks and (210) 494-5292.

10) D.R. Semmes Family YMCA at TriPoint

manny-vela5Opened on the first of June 2009, the D.R. Semmes Family YMCA is located at 3233 N. St. Mary’s San Antonio, TX 78212. The gym focuses on nurturing the mind, body and spirit through educational programs that promote healthy choices, support physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.

Their programs range from group exercise classes, personal training services, Pilates Reformer Studio, Senior Classes, rock wall etc.youth, teens, families, aged on their journey to fitness. They also provide childcare support, camping experience and an avenue for different families to relate and have fun activities etc.

Lauren M. from San Antonio Texas in her review, mentions that she adores the presence of friendly staffs, state-of-the-art equipment, excellent daycare facilities, the conference centers and the cafes.

Contact Details; www.ymcasatx.org/ or (210) 246-9622.

Here, you have it on the best fitness centers in San Antonio; Texas. Share your experience with us, should you choose to check out any of the gyms above or you can just let us know if your favourite gym already make the cut by dropping a comment in the box below.

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