10 Top Gyms In Memphis, TN

1.       101 Live


101 Live is a unique personal training fitness centres in Memphis. It is located at 21 Mina Ave, Ste 101, Memphis, TN 38103, Downtown. The gym was established on August, of the year 2010. The 101 Live fitness centre was founded by Kelly B.

Kelly B has been a student of fitness for over 30 years.  Her interest in fitness was triggered after meeting her husband who was seriously into sports and body-building back then in the college. Kelly must have been influenced heavily by her husband’s personal drive and interest in body-building.

The two have over the years participated in competitions together, trained together, earned black belts together and done several other sport activities. Some years back, Kelly became certified as a personal trainer. Kelly is also a certified Nutritionist specialist, Beachbody Coach, a certified trainer of P90X with many other certifications.

AT the 101 Live gym, their training philosophy is focused on functional training, stability endurance and core strength.  The 101 Live is a gym that over the few years of its existence has developed the reputation of offering high quality group fitness classes and personal training. They gym also has a focus on intimate atmosphere, upbeat and personal attention. The trainers at the gym are also willing and ready to help their members improve the levels of their personal fitness.


The 101 Live gym seeks to provide their clients with an alternative to the experience of the old big. 101 Live claims not to be a health club and they also do not sell membership. The fitness centre provides their members with training services in a non-intimidating and intimate environment.

101 Live gym also specialize in Meal planning, Nutrition Consultation, P90X training, TRX Suspension Training and individualized personal training. 101 Live fitness centre has the desire to inspire and encourage their members to achieve their fitness goals along with a healthy lifestyle that is life-long. Their workout is aimed at helping their clients to improve their energy, vigour and life quality.

You can contact 101 Live fitness centre on (901) 201-4045 or visit their business website at www.101livefitness.com to learn more.

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