The Best 10 Fitness Centres In Birmingham, AL

Best 10 Fitness Centres In Birmingham, AL

1. CrossFit Rebellion

The CrossFit Rebellion is one of the fitness centres in Alabama. The gym is located at 3029 6th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233.

The CrossFit Rebellion fitness centre was established in Jan., 2009 with the mission of providing a conducive environment and the necessary tool that will speed up the attainments of elite fitness for the community they serve.

The CrossFit Rebellion gym is known to be properly armed with the knowledge that they share. They also seek to train their member to the point where they can make wise decision on their won when it comes to their well being and fitness.

They also work to provide educative information for their athletes in a way that will help them develop a desire for a better life and improvement in their life quality

It is said that Crossfit Rebellion is just not another gym. The gym is a community of different individuals that share the goal of the pursuit of fitness as the members remain dedicated to one another.

They CrossFit Rebellion fitness centre also strive to develop friendship with and between their clients that last even away from the training facility. The gym is also welcoming to all individuals of any fitness level or experience.

Let’s look at the review from two of their clients.
Joe J. from Buffalo Grove, IL mentioned in his review that the CrossFit Rebellion is a great box and the members and staff are very friendly.

Joe also explained that Drop in rates for few days is $45 for 3 days, which he believe is reasonable. He also loves that the gym is active in Facebook because he has been able to communicate with them through that social medium before.

Jay T. from Birmingham, AL claims CrossFit Rebellion gym is his home box and he couldn’t seem to be able to say enough good things about the gym in his review. He mentioned that their trainers at the gym are certified and they are good at what they do.

According to Jay, they are intent on helping their guest and clients reach their full potential. Jay mentioned that he has been a member of the CrossFit

Rebellion fitness centre for more than 3 years now, and so far he has not regretted it.
You can contact the CrossFit Rebellion fitness centre on (205) 422-0721 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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