Best 10 Gyms In Birmingham, AL

There are lots of places to work out in Birmingham but getting the right fitness center to get and stay in shape or even get ripped and still have fun is a decision you have to make while considering your personal opinion, feelings, and perspective. Apparently, no one wants an overcrowded gym where you will have to wait to use the equipment, a dirty gym or a gym without open space. Getting a gym that gets you going in a great atmosphere, with friendly professional and skilled trainers that pay their best attention to your fitness goals seems to be a great place to start from. While considering all these, we have scoured the city for the best 10 fitness centers in Birmingham among several others on Yelp and using other technical review systems.

Here are the top 10 gyms in Birmingham, AL.

1. CrossFit Rebellion

Cross Fit RebellionThe CrossFit Rebellion is located at 3029 6th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233. The CrossFit Rebellion fitness center was established in Jan. 2009 with the mission of providing a conducive environment and the necessary tool that will speed up the attainments of elite fitness for the community. The gym welcomes all individuals with any fitness level or experience. Jay T. from Birmingham, AL claims CrossFit Rebellion gym is his home box and he’s very happy there. Call (205) 422-0721 or visit Let’s know what you think about the place if you decide to check it out.

2. First Ave Rocks


First Ave Rocks is a bouldering fitness center in Alabama. It is located at 2417 1st Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233. The gym is now the largest bouldering gym in east Colorado with  12 climbing walls of different fitness level, a fitness room, standard cross-training, and weight equipment. They have programs for children’s physical fitness and confidence. You can use the place for any of your upcoming events such as birthday parties if you want. Members also have access to tables, seats, lockers, changing rooms and snacks. Call (205) 320-2277 or visit

3. Forge Fitness


The Forge Fitness gym is located at 2112 Columbiana Rd, Birmingham, AL 35216. The gym was established in the year 2013. The gym is quite recognized for their work success and the place seems like a family built on people and fitness. Allison J. from Birmingham, AL mentioned in her review of the Forge Fitness gym on Yelp that the place has some of the nicest people anybody would ever meet. You would love it here if you like parties; Halloween parties, Paleo challenges, and Christmas parties. There is also access to showers, outdoor equipment, and changing area for men, women, and kids. Call (205) 569-1874 or visit to learn more.

4. Heavy Metal Girya (HMG)


Heavy Metal Girya Fitness center is a gym located at 7001, Crestwood Blvd, Suite 614 Birmingham, AL 35210. The gym was established in April 2012 by an SFG team leader, Jody Beasley. Heavy Metal Girya Fitness center specializes in fitness through kettlebells to delivers extreme general body fitness to replace dips, pull-ups, barbells, dumbbells, lever bars, grip device, cardio and others. Call (205) 529-1438 or visit to know more.

5. Top Gyms In Birmingham; Hoover Fitness


The Hoover Fitness is a full-service fitness center in Alabama. The gym is located at 2153 Clearbrook Rd, Birmingham, AL 35226. The gym was founded in 2007, owned and managed by Jason Cerniglia. Hoover Fitness gym specializes in exercise programs and training, and the gym is popularly known for its special 21 Day Fat Blast. This place is good for anyone who prefers a clean gym with a non-intimidating atmosphere. Danielle S. from Birmingham, AL mentioned in her review on Yelp that the workouts at Hoover Fitness center are pretty intense but she loves her results. Call (205) 822-9009 or visit

6. Iron Tribe Fitness – Highway 280


The Iron Tribe Fitness – Highway 280 is located at 5029 Us 280, Ste 102, Birmingham, AL 35242. The Iron Tribe Fitness center uniquely combines group fitness with one-on-one coaching and helping their members get the most through diet plans and structured workouts. According to different clients’ reviews on the gym, the Iron Tribe fitness center is the perfect fit for anybody that wants to either lose weight or enhance physical performance. Benji D. from Birmingham, AL wrote in his own review of Iron Tribe fitness center that joining this gym is among the best things that have ever happened to him.

Call (205) 873-2135 or visit to learn more.

7. Snap Fitness


The Snap Fitness is perfect for gym rats since it is open 24 hours of the day. The gym is located at 2835 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205 and known to offer high quality but at the best value in a welcoming environment. Lisa H. from Atlanta, GA mentioned in her review of the fitness center that Snap Fitness has a relaxed environment and the place is never too crowded. However, Lisa thinks they should have more weight machines and classes. No Wifi or enough bug space. Call (205) 202-4010 or visit for details.

8. Orange Theory Fitness Centre

Orange-Theory-Fitness1The orange Theory Fitness center is situated at 210, Inverness comers. Birmingham, AL 35242. The gym was established by M.S. Ellen Latham in 2010. Orange Theory Fitness Centre specializes in a one-hour workout, supported by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) to stimulate metabolism, thus boosting energy. Gregory S. from Birmingham said the gym has enthusiastic, responsive, patient staffs, and high-quality equipment. If you don’t like too many people in the gym, the place will suit you. Call (205) 991-9700 or visit their website and let us know what you think about the place.

9. Planet Fitness – Birmingham

planet fitness

Planet fitness is a gymnasium in Alabama. The gym is located at 1839 Montgomery Highway S Birmingham, AL 35244. The gym was established in 2007 by Brian Burns NDCA/CPT. Planet Fitness – Birmingham specializes in weight loss workouts, shaping up, and many other aspects of fitness for both men and women regardless of age, size and experience. This place is a great idea for anyone that loves gymnasium. Call (205) 444-2282 or check out their website for more info.

10. Best fitness centers in Birmingham; AL -Gold’s Gym

golds_gym_logo_91_largeEstablished in 1965, the Gold’s gym is one of the most sorts after in Birmingham. The gym is located at 1090 Montgomery Hwy Birmingham, AL 35216. They combine the best personal training with diverse amenities, which is perfect for anyone who desires a total fitness experience. Mike R. from Birmingham, AL in his review on Yelp mentioned that the gym itself is really clean and nice with friendly staff, except that the gym gets crowded after work during the week. Call Gold’s gym on (205) 823-4653 or visit their Business website at

That’s it on the best gyms in Birmingham; AL. Kindly get back to us concerning your experience, should you choose to check out any of the gyms above or you can just let us know if your favorite gym makes the cut by dropping a comment.

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